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Executive Committee Minutes

Mid-Year Meeting // April 2017

In addition to the Annual Conference, some of the ING members meet one more time in person to continue to consult on the plans and activities of the ING. This year the ING members met at the Mid-Year Meeting in Atlanta on April 28th. At this meeting our Chair, Fofi Constantinidou, informed the group of the successful submission of the proposal for a Brucker Symposium to the ACRM Board of Governors for approval. The proposed by-laws for ING were reviewed and it was decided to continue revising them by allowing members to provide feedback before the by-laws draft is sent to the ACRM Board of Governors. The proposed plan for the ING newsletter was shared and discussed at this meeting as well.

Annual Conference // October 2016

The annual business meetings are always an exciting affair, but this year we had over 40 people in attendance even though the meeting was scheduled early in the morning. During the roll call and introduction, it was heartening to see presence of members from different countries from all parts of the globe. Chair of the I-NG, Fofi Constantinidou welcomed everyone and shared the history of I-NG and its aims and objectives. A number of new attendees from Cypress, New Zealand, China, Hungary, and Belgium were welcomed.

Fofi also introduced the Executive Committee members of the I-NG to the whole group. One of the goals of the I-NG is to become an Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (ISIG) by the year 2020 and create local chapters of ACRM across the world. There are plans to develop by-laws to prepare for evolution of the I-NG into an ISIG.

Attendees made some exciting suggestions including an idea of smaller satellite conferences around the world to generate interest and enthusiasm for the annual conference and to make this happen, clear policies will need to be formulated.

At this meeting, the best international poster award was presented to Pauline Penney. Other announcements were also made including a call for new international collaborative projects in traumatic brain injury, for example. A post for a communications officer was also announced and two individuals rose to offer their service in this position and were later jointly appointed. Quite aptly, these two individuals, Eva Pettemeridou and Rozlie Townsend, are from two different continents (Europe and US).

The work of the various task forces of the ING was later introduced. The meeting concluded with sharing of contact information and interests of the participants.

International Networking Group Members


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