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Spring 2022 Edition

Big changes are happening at the International Networking Group. We are excited and proud to announce that the International Networking Group (ING) has officially evolved into an Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (ISIG).

I-ISIG rose from a smaller group in 2005, called the International Committee. As ACRM flourished, so did our international visibility and outreach, which resulted in our International Committee developing into a larger company of like-minded, diverse individuals being named the ING (2012). ING’s mission was to facilitate ACRM’s global exposure and representation at the ACRM meetings. We set out to serve as a liaison among discipline specific ACRM communities and to communicate and collaborate across international boundaries in an effort to promote cultural sensitivity. We aimed to advance interdisciplinary rehabilitation research, encourage increased versatility, competence, and improved rehabilitation outcomes through evidence-based practice. Throughout the presence of ING, lead by our passionate and effective leadership, not only did ING achieve its mission, but is has exceeded expectations, by growing exponentially, with over than 150 members.

The dedication of our members toward increased world-wide collaboration led to a surge of members of the ING and has served as the premise for elevating into the International -ISIG (I-ISIG). Through the I-ISIG, as a community of rehabilitation professionals from around the world, we strive to provide endless boundaries for international collaboration to advance ethnically perceptive rehabilitation research and evidence-based practice. I-ISIG will continue fostering international partnerships among rehabilitation researchers, consumers, and providers through multi-site research; disseminating evidence-based practice recommendations through active participation in the ACRM Annual Conference; and developing educational materials. The I-ISIG will serve as a catalyst for ACRM’s global growth and through its membership and activities, we will bring an international perspective on rehabilitation research, service delivery, and education. The I-ISIG builds on the ACRMs commitment to interdisciplinary research that reaches across health conditions and the continuum of rehabilitation care.