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 2022 Winter Edition

CIRM Researcher Spotlight

Dr. Thayer is most renown for his development of the  model of Neurovisceral Integration. This model suggests that vagally mediated heart rate variability (vmHRV) represents a psychophysiological measure of inhibitory control. He  received his Ph.D. fromRead more

Conference Highlights

A Novel Cognitive Embodiment Approach to Complement and Enhance Clinical Rehabilitation Practice Monika M. Gross, BFA, mAmSAT, mATI, RSME Executive Director The Poise Project Candler, North Carolina, United States…Read more

Post Scriptum

Patricia Heyn, PhD, FGSA, FACRM was honored with the esteemed 2022 ACRM Career Development Networking Group Outstanding Mentor award. Sonya Kim, PhD, CRC, BCB has been recognized as “2022 Fellow of ACRM.”…Read more

Breaking News About Our Youngest Member

CIRM Task force co-chair, Carmen Capo-Lugo’s new born son, Damian is growing up, learning to play the guitar and getting ready to be featured at ACRM’s Gala…Read more

How to Join

The opportunity to participate in more than 20 specialized interdisciplinary special interest groups (ISIG) and networking groups and to engage in their task forces, is one of the most valuable benefits of ACRM membership….Read more