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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Hot off the Press!


Hot off the Press provides you with articles that have recently been published in the Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation that relate to measurement. We also highlight articles that have been published by our task force members. Both of our ‘Applied Cognition’ task forces have articles in this list. Great work team!


Ford JJ, Richards MC, Surkitt LD, Chan AYP, Slater SL, Taylor NF, Hahne AJ. (2018). Development of a Multivariate Prognostic Model for Pain and Activity Limitation in People with Low Back Disorders Receiving Physiotherapy. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 99 (12): 2504-2512.

Hendrey G, Clark RA, Holland AE, Mentiplay BF, Davis C, Windfeld-Lund C, Raymond MJ, & Williams G. (2018). Feasibility of Ballistic Strength Training in Subacute Stroke: A Randomized, Controlled, Assessor-Blinded Pilot Study. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 99 (12): 2430-2446.

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Van de Winckel A & Ehrlich-Jones L. (2018). Measurement Characteristics and Clinical Utility of the Motor Evaluation Scale for Upper Extremity in Stroke Patients. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 99 (12): 2657.