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Allan Kozlowski

Allan Kozlowski

NOW FORMING: Terminology Review Task Force

Are you confounded by measurement terminology? Is validity an attribute of an instrument, or the context in which you interpret individual scores? Do we need multiple terms for a distribution-based change index? Other groups have defined measurement standards, but none appear adequate for rehabilitation.

To address this problem, the Measurement Networking Group will form a task force to review existing resources and recommend terms to standardize measurement terminology. If interested, contact Allan Kozlowski or attend the MNG Business Meeting at the Annual Conference at 7:00 AM on 2 November 2016.

See Outline of Proposed Terminology Review Task Force >>


Applied Cognition Task Force

The Applied Cognition Task Force is continuing its mission to address cognitive rehabilitation research needs related to cognitive outcomes, tools, and measurements. The task force, chaired by Patricia Heyn, PhD, FACRM, is almost two years old, and is formed by two workgroups. The Applied Cognition Geriatric Workgroup just published an Archives Information & Education Page on Brain Gaming Apps. To learn more about this task force and how you might participate, please contact Patricia Heyn.

The task force will sponsor the following activities during the 2016 ACRM Annual Conference.

  • Progress and Report of the TBI Workgroup from the ACRM Measurement Networking Group Applied Cognition Task Force #194 symposium organized by Sonya Kim, PhD and Patricia Heyn, PhD on Wednesday, 2 November from 4:30 pm – 5:45 pm.
  • Current Evidence on Brain Gaming Therapy for Older adults with Cognitive Impairments: MNG AC Task Force Geriatric Workgroup Symposium led by Sandra Kletzel, PhD and Pallavi Sod on Friday, 4 November at 7:00 am.
  • ACTF is also sponsoring a symposium on 4 November at 1:15 pm on Dementia, Aging, and Disabilities: Early Detection and Clinical Practice Challenges #247 addressing the challenges in measuring cognitive changes in adults with cognitive disabilities. This symposium is in collaboration with the National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices.
  • ACRM members are invited to join the MNG Applied Cognition Task Force Meet and Greet your Work Group Colleagues on 4 November at 7:00 am.


Patricia Heyn

Patricia Heyn

Member Spotlight

Dr. Patricia C. Heyn has been elected a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA). GSA is the world’s oldest and largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to research, education and practice in the field of aging. She was recognized for her “outstanding, sustained contributions to the field of gerontology.”



Curriculum Task Force

Susan Magasi

Susan Magasi

The goal of the Curriculum Task Force is to enhance clinical and academic educators’ capacity to teach state of the science measurement. Specifically, the curriculum task force is working to:

  1. Identify measurement needs of graduate programs in nursing and allied health professions
  2. Develop and disseminate targeted resources to support state of the science education in measurement

The task force is seeking members to achieve these goals and to develop new goals. If you are interesting in joining, please contact Susan Magasi.


Early Career Task Force Report

The MNG Early Career Task Force led by Jason Raad, PhD, is focused on developing and sustaining membership of allied health students and early career professionals who have an interest in outcomes measurement. We are excited to have established regular committee meetings and our preliminary mission and goals over 2015. To get involved, please contact Jason Raad.

Our 2016 accomplishments thus far include inaugurating a panel discussion at the Mid-Year Meeting related to early career professionals’ interests and career building milestones. We will continue to focus on task force membership, enhancing our profile within the MNG, and integrating our efforts with the ACRM Early Career Networking Group.


James Graham

James Graham

NEW Rehabilitation-Related Health Services Research Task Force

A new task force on rehabilitation-related health services research has been established within the ACRM Measurement Networking Group and invites your participation. Healthcare reform is having a dramatic impact on how rehabilitation services are being delivered, evaluated, and reimbursed. Additionally, technological advances and innovative analytic techniques have created unique research opportunities. The mission of the task force is to facilitate collaboration and increase the scope and effectiveness of health services research among ACRM researchers.

This task force was created last year and members have since developed their mission and objectives as well as submitted an ACRM 2016 Conference symposium proposal to highlight task force opportunities. The members will work toward growing their membership, promoting active collaboration among ACRM members, and establishing an effective organizational structure. They hope to propose a special issue on health services research for the ACRM journal, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation this year. Please contact James Graham for more information and/or to get involved.