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Changing the Narrative to Hope:

Maximizing Brain Health, Function, and Participation Following Brain Injury


In this Intensive Cross-Cutting Program, we aim to focus on research and evidence-based clinical practices that seek to improve brain health, function, and community participation following brain injury. Symposia and posters will represent the current state of the science and practice in the optimization of long-term outcomes and the reduction of risk for negative outcomes, such as neurodegenerative disorders. We welcome submissions that address issues related to any severity of brain injury. Both interventional research and studies that are preparatory to interventional research are welcome.

For the clinical portion, we welcome examples of applications of interventions with an established evidence base, as well as studies of methods to implement study findings in real-world clinical settings. Examples include intervention research to improve brain health, function, and/or community participation, such as:

  • Exercise, sleep, nutrition interventions
  • Assistive technology
  • Behavioral interventions
  • Identification of mechanisms underlying change associated with interventions
  • Methods to facilitate intervention research, e.g. Innovative outcome measurement that is sensitive to intervention effects

Clinical or Translational research to identify novel or under-recognized targets for new interventions. Examples include:

  • Modifiable behaviors that can improve TBI outcomes and/or minimize decline;
  • Biological or physiological mechanisms that may inform the development of pharmaceutical or other interventions;
  • Targets for secondary or tertiary prevention efforts to optimize long-term outcomes

Clinical practice presentations that demonstrate how to implement evidence-based practices.

  • Implementation of interventions that have demonstrated efficacy in the literature
  • Methods to facilitate the implementation of evidence-based practices, including implementation demonstrations and studies