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See and Hear What Past Attendees are Saying About PIRR


2015 ACRM Annual Conference

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Sue Ann Sisto, PT, MA, PhD, FACRM
Stony Brook University, School of Health Technology and Management
“A message from the President of ACRM”


Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, PhD
McMaster University
“Why do you attend the ACRM Annual Conference?”


James Malec, PhD, FACRM
Indiana University School of Medicine/Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
“What does ACRM mean to YOU?”


Vincent John Vincent
GestureTek Health
“Why do you Exhibit at ACRM Annual Conference?”


Fofi Constantinidou, PhD, CCC-SLP, FACRM
Center for Applied Neuroscience, University of Cyprus
“How does ACRM help internationally?”


Wayne Gordon, PhD, ABPP/Cn, FACRM
Mount Sinai Brain Injury Research Center
“What does ACRM mean to you?”


Gary Ulicny, PhD, FACRM
Shepherd Center
“What sets ACRM apart?”



Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner, PhD, CBIST
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
“How does ACRM help Early Career Rehab Professionals?”


Your Colleagues Will Tell You

image: Chris MacDonell

“You can’t beat the value of the ACRM conference. The inter-disciplinary program is relevant to your whole team, and the content is cutting-edge. Whether your specialty is stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or neuro-degenerative diseases, ACRM is presenting the evidence you need.”
Chris MacDonell, FACRM, CARF International
“I enjoyed the combination of clinically and scientifically oriented contributions and the interdisciplinary nature of the conference.” —GM Ribbers, MD, PhD, Rotterdam Neurorehabilitation Research
Kenneth C. Chelette Poster Award Winner “I chose to present a poster at the 2012 ACRM Annual Conference because competing for and receiving this kind of recognition can be an important part of successful career development. Winning the Outstanding Scientific Poster Award was a great honor; and I encourage participation in this event by other students and early career scientists who, like me, strive for excellence in rehabilitation research. —2012 Outstanding Scientific Poster Winner, Kenneth C. Chelette, MS, Biomedical Engineer, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
“Great conference, lots of take-away information to help improve practice in BI.” —Calvin Haws, Service Manager (BScOT)
 Allen Heinemann  “ACRM’s annual meeting provides an unprecedented opportunity to remain current on rehabilitation research advances and to meet authors, reviewers and editors of Archives.”—Allen W. Heinemann, PhD, ABPP, FACRM, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
“I have had an amazing experience as a participant in this conference.
Thanks for everything!” —Diana Krasteva, Physiotherapist, Lion’s Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, BC
Sue Ann Sisto “With a collegial harmonious atmosphere, rare in mega-medical conferences, ACRM functions as powerful “glue” that joins together professionals from all specialty areas and disciplines for intellectual exchange and improved rehabilitative outcomes.” —Sue Ann Sisto, PT, MA, PhD, FACRM, Stony Brook University School of Health Technology and Management, Stony Brook, NY
garyulicny2 “The ACRM Annual Conference has grown to become the world’s largest interdisciplinary conference in the field of rehabilitation research, and as a result, the peer-to-peer networking is second to none.” —Gary Ulicny, PhD, FACRM, Shepherd Center, Atlanta, GA
“As a clinician in the field for less than three years, this event opened my eyes to the research being done to advance the field and gave me a deeper understanding of where we come from in terms of becoming evidence-based in rehab. I appreciated the early career focus as well as the continued focus on interdisciplinary work”. —Christina Lighthill, MOT, OTR
Duncan Babbage “Attending ACRM’s annual meeting provides the opportunity to forge and extend key relationships, which can then be maintained and developed through the rest of the year in our increasingly connected and online international rehabilitation community.” —Duncan Babbage, PhD, Auckland University of Technology, Centre for Person Centred Research, Auckland, NZ
 “ACRM’s commitment to early career rehabilitation scientists and practitioners is unparalleled, not only in rehabilitation but across most professional organizations.” —2012 ACRM Annual Conference Attendee
Gregory O'Shanick “ACRM consistently provides translational research information that is timely and clinically relevant to the everyday practice of Brain Injury Medicine. Providing this in a format that fosters interdisciplinary dialogue adds icing to this cake!” — Gregory O’Shanick, MD, Medical Director Emeritus, Brain Injury Association of America
 “Attending the ACRM meeting has been a great experience on many levels.”
— Mar Cortes, MD, Clinical Research, Burke Medical Research Institute, White Plains, NY
Tom Felicetti “I have attended this conference for many years. It is a significant opportunity for professional collaboration and for adding to the knowledge base of the field.” —Thomas Felicetti, PhD, Beechwood Rehabilitation Services
“The conference provided a rich environment for interprofessional education that is needed for collaborative clinical practice and research! A must attend conference for all team members.” —Genevieve Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD
Saurabha Bhatnagar “Participating in the “Early Career” workshop at the ACRM annual conference connected me with unique mentoring opportunities in various disciplines of rehabilitation, which have continued to promote my development as a clinician and scientist.” —
Bhatnagar, MD, PM&R Chief-Resident, Wayne State University/Oakwood