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Click Flyer Image to See ALL Content Related to Military/VA Rehabilitation

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Military / VA Rehabilitation Symposia

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FOCUS AREA ABBREVIATIONS: AN: Arts & Neuroscience, BI: Brain Injury, CAN: Cancer, CC: Cross-Cutting, CP: Clinical Practice, DI: Diagnosis Independent, GER: Geriatric Rehabilitation, INT: International, MES: Measurement, MIL: Military/VA, ND: Neurodegenerative Diseases, NP: Neuroplasticity, PAIN: Pain Rehabilitation, PED: Pediatric Rehabilitation, POL: Health Policy & Legislation, SCI: Spinal Cord Injury, ST: Stroke, TEC: Technology





Lee Goldstein

Lee Goldstein

#533 Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: New Insights From the Battlefield, Gridiron, and Lab Bench  BI, MIL
Featuring: Lee Goldstein, Moderator: Douglas Katz

Emerging research supports links between repetitive concussive and subconcussive head injuries (contact sports, accidents, blast exposure) and long-term cognitive and neuropsychiatric problems, and increased risk for neuropathological sequelae, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The first part of the presentation will highlight neuropathological evidence of CTE in the first case series of postmortem brains from blast-exposed veterans compared to brains of young athletes with confirmed CTE. The second part will highlight experimental results from new mouse models of blast and impact TBI. Blast-exposed mice also exhibit evidence of CTE-linked neuropathology. Kinematic analysis and biomechanical modeling have revealed similarities and differences between blast and impact neurotrauma that inform clinical understanding of concussion, TBI, and CTE. Read More >>


  • #84 Traumatic Brain Injury Caregiving and Family Needs Symposium  MIL, BI
    Lillian Flores Stevens, Bridget Cotner, Erin Bailey, Angelle Sander, Christine Dillahunt-Aspillaga
  • #1013 Oral Presentation of Scientific Papers: Brain Injury/Military/VA Topics
  • #61 Novel Application of Technology for Brain Injury Rehabilitation of Military Service Members  TEC, BI, MIL
    John Morris, Russell Gore, Risa Nakase-Richardson, Tracey Wallace



  • World-Class Symposium  for Military/VA – Details Coming Soon
  • #161 Novel and Advanced Research Methods in Rehabilitation Research  MIL, MES
    Maheen Adamson, Karen Besterman-Dahan, Clara Dismuke
  • #282 Cultivating a Transdisciplinary Team Model to Improve Outcomes of Patients With Spinal Cord Injury/Disorders  SCI, MIL, CP
    Khairunnisa Veerjee, Chestin Jones, Bridget Bennett, Maria Fides Pacheco, Zulma Jimenez, Evelyn Quinones, Itala Manosha Wickremasinghe



  • #186  Military Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress: Lessons Learned for a Novel and Evidence-Based Approach  MIL, BI
    Maulik P. Purohit, Heechin Chae
  • #619 Identifying Clinical Phenotypes in the TRACTS Cohort and Strategies for Rehabilitation of Deployment Trauma in Veterans of OEF/OIF/OND  MIL, BI
    Regina McGlinchey

Search the Conference APP for full details or see the Program at-a-glance.


Cross-Cutting Featured Sessions


#865 Featured Session for Funding


Alison Cernich

Alison Cernich

John Tschida

John Tschida

Teresa L. Brininger

Teresa L. Brininger

With NCMRR Director, Alison Cernich; NIDILRR Director, John Tschida; and CRMRP Director, Teresa Brininger

Every year there are changes in Washington that could affect your research agenda. Come and hear the latest from the directors of the top rehabilitation research funding agencies in the USA. Read More >>


#863 Featured Session: Fitness Training and the Brain


Art Kramer

Arthur F. Kramer

With Arthur F. Kramer, Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education and a Professor of Psychology & Engineering at Northeastern University

This presentation will cover what we currently know, from animal studies, epidemiological studies, and human randomized controlled trials about the relationship between physical activity and exercise and cognitive and brain health across the lifespan. Dr. Kramer will also focus on gaps in our knowledge and how we might go about filling these knowledge gaps.




ACRM Military/VA Networking Group banner


Military/VA Networking Group Meeting

THU 3 NOV // 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

All attendees interested in MILITARY/VA rehabilitation are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting to learn more about this important group, their projects and goals, and ways to participate.


ACRM Membership Meeting

THU 3 NOV // 6:15 PM – 7:00 PM

Open to all attendees, the annual ACRM Membership Meeting is a great place to learn more about the work of ACRM, meet the leadership, and get involved.


See the complete schedule of ACRM ISIG , networking group, and task force meetings and plan to join those that best align with your interest and expertise. *Many meetings are still being scheduled. Please check back often for the latest details.


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It all begins on Sunday, 30 OCT with 3 days of in-depth Instructional Courses. Choose half-day or full-day courses with or without registration to the Core Conference. Or choose the two-day Cognitive Rehabilitation Training or ACBIS Training Course described below. All Pre-Conference Instructional Courses and specialized workshops include continuing education credit. Separate registration is required.


Instructional Courses

See the complete schedule and descriptions of Instructional Courses here or click the image below to enlarge a graphical representation.

If you plan to attend the CORE Conference and at least one Pre-Conference instructional course, the Lotus-purple_button_138x20 WORLD PASS is the BEST VALUE. Compare pricing here >>


CLICK to View the 2016 ACRM Pre-Conference Program

CLICK to View the 2016 ACRM Pre-Conference Program



Cognitive Rehabilitation Training #868

MON & TUE 31 OCT – 1 NOV


Donna Langenbahn, PhD, FACRM

Donna Langenbahn, PhD, FACRM, Rusk Rehabilitation

Angela Yi

Angela Yi, PhD, Sports Concussion Institute

Deirdre Dawson

Deirdre Dawson, PhD, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Health Sciences

Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual Cover

Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual ($150 value)

Based on the ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Manual: Translating Evidence-Based Recommendations into Practice, this introductory course teaches step-by-step procedures for all evidence-based interventions for executive functions, memory, attention, hemispatial neglect, social communication. Manual included ($150 value).


  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech-language professionals
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Physicians
  • RN/Rehab Nurses
  • Disability management specialists
  • Caregivers of individuals with brain injury
  • ALL rehabilitation professionals who need to know the latest evidence-based interventions for cognitive impairment


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“I feel like this training gives me a game plan and a
strategy to start developing my treatment plans.
I know where to start with each of my patients
and I feel more confident and assured that the
treatment I’m providing is evidence-based.”

— Zachary Bayer, MA, ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Attendee

# 847 ACBIS Training Course

MON & TUE 31 OCT – 1 NOV

Drew Nagele

Drew Nagele

Heidi Reyst

Heidi Reyst

Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner

Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner

The Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) provides the opportunity to learn important information about brain injury, to demonstrate learning in a written examination, and to earn a nationally recognized credential.

The official ACBIS training is offered to prepare both direct care staff and professionals working in brain injury services to sit for the certification exam. It is intended for paraprofessionals and professionals at all levels who want a strong foundation in the best practices in brain injury rehabilitation.


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RIC Lecture & Tour

Joanne C. Smith, MD

Joanne C. Smith, MD, RIC President & CEO

#843 Re-Imagining Rehabilitation Care and Research at AbilityLab: The Future of RIC


Participants will independently commute to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago at 345 E Superior Street (2 miles from the Hilton) to learn about a new approach to clinical research and patient care that informed the design of the new research hospital, AbilityLab, scheduled to open in March 2017. By literally breaking down the walls between science and clinical care, RIC is making a $550 million investment to change the way research is conducted, accelerate clinical breakthroughs, and improve patient outcomes.

Hear directly from the researchers and clinicians who built this advanced knowledge translation concept over the past 7 years, and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Joanne C. Smith, who will discuss how these innovations are being adopted in the new hospital. Participants will have the opportunity to tour the AbilityLab prototype on the 9th floor of RIC.


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