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SUN, 30 OCT // 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Primary Content Focus: Clinical practice (assessment, diagnosis, treatment, knowledge translation/EBP), Stroke

Secondary Content Focus: Technology (e.g. prosthetics/orthotics, robotics, assistive technology)

This lecture will discuss a new FDA-cleared system for dysphagia treatment that takes traditional therapy approaches to the next level by uniting the benefits of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) while incorporating proper postural strategies and resistive exercises. Using NMES with electrodes designed to fit the submental and facial areas to work in conjunction with indirect techniques and newly-developed therapeutic exercises. This course will teach participants the specific rationale behind the parameters best suited for small muscle rehabilitation, review the anatomy of the muscle groups and cranial nerves associated with the swallow, and provide extensive “hands on” experience using the technique.


  1. Describe the anatomy involved in swallowing and its importance in assessing and treating reduced hyo-laryngeal excursion
  2. Utilize a cranial nerve assessment to assist in evaluating an oral, pharyngeal or oropharyngeal dysphagia
  3. Discuss and label muscle fiber types and recruitment philosophies and their importance to the pharyngeal phase of a swallow
  4. Identify 3 treatment strategies used in addressing oral and pharyngeal dysphagia
  5. Demonstrate accurate electrode placement and care following review of hands on demonstration training


  • Dysphagia
  • Deglutition Disorders
  • Resistive Exercise Therapy
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Therapy
  • Orthotic Device


IC 43 Russell CampbellRuss Campbell, PT
President, Ampcare, LLC

Mr. Russ Campbell is an award winning therapist (e.g., Healthcare Hero and Tech Titan Technology Inventors Award). He received his degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois in 1989. Throughout his professional career he used modalities combined with a holistic approach to foster better and faster outcomes for his patients. He is a co-developer of the Effective Swallowing Protocol (ESP™) and CEO of Ampcare, an FDA registered medical device and services company that develops innovative technologies designed to improve the quality of life in people with swallowing disorders. Ampcare’s ESP unites the benefits of neuromuscular electrical stimulation while incorporating proper postural strategies and a protocol of resistive exercises. Mr. Russ is a published author and speaker on the topic of dysphagia and is working with individuals across the country and internationally to provide more research on this dynamic protocol. He advises medical corporations on more efficient and cost effective treatment strategies that will maximize the quality of life for their patients. He has been a featured presenter who has provided more than 600 continuing education trainings to physical, occupational and speech therapists across the United States, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong. Russ is responsible for the research and development of the company’s products and methodology as well as guiding the company’s growth through partnerships with other healthcare providers.

IC 43 Rick McAdooMr. Patrick McAdoo, MS, CCC-SLP
Vice President, Ampcare, LLC

Mr. Rick McAdoo received a Bachelors of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Texas Christian University in 1989 and received his Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Texas Christian University in 1990. He has worked primarily with the adult neurogenic population with specialized emphasis in dysphagia. Over the past 15 years his focus has included a research component and was the first to show laryngeal elevation using transcutaneous electrical stimulation on both a computerized laryngeal analyzer and under video fluoroscopy. He has generated clinical data, developed therapeutic neuromuscular stimulation technologies and received FDA clearance for the treatment of swallowing disorders. Mr. McAdoo also serves is an Adjunct Professor at the Davies School of Communication Sciences and Disorders and lectures on dysphagia.

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