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The purpose of doing spotlights on our members is twofold. First, we would just like to get to know you. Secondly, we anticipate that this will facilitate and foster valuable networking connections by getting to know our ACRM peers and what you do. If you are interested in participating, please send Dawn Neumann a write up about yourself that answers the following questions. Please also send us a pic to include.

  • Career stage, including highest degree and what the degree is in, e.g., OT, psychology
  • Current place of employment or student, including institution name and department
  • Researcher, academician, clinician, or combo
  • Discipline/target population(s) working with
  • Special areas of expertise or focus of research, e.g., emotional deficits
  • What inspired your career path?
  • What ACRM communities are you involved with?
  • How can ACRM best meet your needs so that you would consider being a lifelong member of our family?
  • Are you open to being contacted by your ACRM and ECNG peers for potential networking and / or collaboration opportunities; if yes, provide email.
  • Key words that best describe your work interests.
  • Please send us a photo to include


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