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Looking for resources to help guide your career path? We’ve got you covered with news about upcoming workshops, student loans and grants, NIH awards, early career scholarships. Learn practical tips for building your CV, getting credit for your peer review services, and questions to ask during your job interview. Plus, find resources for mentors, effective leadership, work/life balance and resources specifically for clinicians. Read on …

Grant Resources and Scientific Writing

Jobs / Promotion/ Tenure

  • Quantify Your Peer Review Services: Have you ever served as a peer reviewer for a journal? I’ve been using to get credit for my peer review work. You can view my profile here. Publons is a FREE site that helps you to record, verify, and showcase your peer review contributions for use in hiring and funding applications. You get credit even if your reviews are anonymous and the manuscript is never published. Learn more at
  • Interviewing Questions for Academic Positions
    1. Are there career growth opportunities with regard to promotion or tenure or administrative (e.g. Director)
    2. Is the salary grant based, institution supported, or other?
    3. Is the salary based on a 9-month or 12-month contract?
    4. Is the institution willing to collaboratively work with outside institutions?
    5. Are there teaching responsibilities, class based, lab based, or both?
    6. Are there service expectations such as being in student committees or member of National organizations?
    7. Are there Research related requirements such as grant submissions and/or publications?
    8. Will the institution support collaborative opportunities with other institutions such as faculty buy out time, joint appointments, or adjunct appointments?
  • Interviewing Questions for Clinician Position
    1. Does the institution/ hospital have a history of collaboration with other institutions in in fostering translational research?
    2. Is there student and faculty support for conducting research?
    3. Does the institution/ hospital allot time for research?
    4. Is there infrastructure to support research (e.g. grant support personnel)?
    5. Does the hospital have billing support system, both in terms of personnel and software?
    6. Does the employer pay for organizational memberships, conferences, licensure fees, and CEUs?
    7. Is the salary grant based or institution funded?
    8. Are there teaching responsibilities?

Mentoring Resources


Work-Life Balance

For Clinicians