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Dr. Douglas Katz image

Douglas Katz, MD, FACRM, FAAN

President, ACRM Board of Governors
Associate Professor Neurology
Boston University School of Medicine
Medical Director Brain Injury Programs
Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital, Braintree, MA

Douglas I. Katz is professor of neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and a member of the academic neurology staff at Boston Medical Center and Boston University Neurology Associates. After medical school at SUNY Stony Brook, he trained in neurology and completed a fellowship in behavioral neurology at Boston University. After training, he focused his career on neurorehabilitation and brain injury. He has been medical director of the Brain Injury Program at Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital in Massachusetts for over 27 years, one of the first dedicated brain injury rehabilitation programs in the US that he helped develop.

In addition to his clinical work he has devoted time to clinical research in a number of areas including predictors of recovery after traumatic brain injury, disorders of consciousness, and pharmacologic treatment of cognitive problems after TBI. He has over 120 publications in these areas and has co-edited four books, including a comprehensive text on brain injury, Brain Injury Medicine (Demos), recently released in its 2nd edition.

He is director of the neurorehabilitation fellowship at Boston University, and has been a national leader in developing training and certification standards for neurorehabilitation. He serves on a number of editorial boards for major journals on brain injury and neurorehabilitation.

Dr. Katz is president of ACRM and was honored as a Fellow of ACRM in 2002. He recently served on the boards of the American Society of Neurorehabilitation and the Brain Injury Association of America. His honors include the Sheldon Berrol Clinical Services Award from the Brain Injury Association of America (2001), the Ken Viste, Jr. award from the American Society of Neurorehabilitaiton (2012) and the Compassionate Care Award of the Brain Injury Association of MA (2013).