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Featured Researcher


The ACRM Complementary, Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group is pleased to recognize Yi-Yuan Tang, PhD, with the 2021 CIRM Research Award. Dr. Tang is the Presidential Endowed Chair in Neuroscience and Professor of Psychological Sciences and Internal Medicine at Texas Tech University.


CIRM Research Award recipient, Dr. Yi Yuan Tang


Dr. Tang, a world-known neuroscientist with his research focuses on effects of environment or experience on behavior, physiology, and neural plasticity over the lifespan using psychosocial, physiological, neuroimaging and genetic methods. His research has been supported from year to year by National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, the John Templeton Foundation, and the Office of Naval Research.

The Integrative Body-Mind Training (IBMT) program he developed and his scientific contribution have made significant impact on researchers’ and clinicians’ understanding of the mechanism how the mind-body exercise and psychotherapy may work for patients and clients.

In his career, he has published 9 books and over 300 peer-reviewed articles on studies of body-mind training. He is one of the most cited researchers in the field of body-mind study, such as Tang et al., PNAS, 2007 (citation >2000); Tang et al., Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 2015 (citation >1900).

We are really proud of Dr. Tang’s outstanding work, and proud that Dr. Tang is the 2021 recipient of the CIRM Research Award!