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At the ACRM Annual Conference this past October in Dallas, Texas, we awarded three individuals with the very first awards in cancer rehabilitation and had the chance to ask them about why they joined the ACRM CRNG, became involved with cancer rehab, and other questions related to the field. We congratulate all three of them on winning these awards!

We recognized Dr. Andrea Cheville from the Mayo Clinic for all of her contributions to the field of cancer rehabilitation, and she received the “Excellence in Cancer Rehabilitation” award. Dr. Cheville is one of the foremost authorities in cancer rehabilitation. Widely published and highly regarded, it was the CRNG’s honor to recognize her work by giving her the first “Excellence in Cancer Rehabilitation” award.

Dr. Katarzyna Hojan from Poland received the “Best Scientific Poster in Cancer Rehabilitation” award. She became involved with the ACRM Cancer Group because she was looking for authority figures in cancer rehab and heard the ACRM is the largest meeting of cancer rehab experts in the United States. She became involved in cancer rehab after an invitation to run a department of cancer rehab, and finds cancer rehab to be an individualized discipline that combines different aspects of rehabilitation.

In 2016, she would like to continue evidence-based medicine in cancer rehab and is planning on publishing the result of her studies. Some of the most important influences in her professional life include LW Jones, AL Cheville and KS Courneya.

Dr. Arash Asher received the “New Investigator Poster Award in Cancer Rehabilitation” award. He became involved with the ACRM CRNG because of the passionate and interesting people with different backgrounds who are involved in the organization that brings everyone together. He is interested in cancer rehab largely due to the resilient patient population and finds it inspiring to have the opportunity to help put a patient’s life back together in the midst of illness, physical, emotional and existential trials, but also in addition to the amount of research and academic opportunities.

In 2016, he wants to start a clinical trial assessing the efficacy of the “Growing Resiliency and CouragE with cancer”, or GRACE program and publish on “Emerging from the Haze”, his chemobrain program. He feels that Dr. Elmer Holzinger from the University of Pittsburgh has been one of the biggest influences in his professional life.