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Tessa Hart, PhD, FACRM

Monday, 1 October 2018

  1. A big round of applause was granted to the out-going (and some continuing) Executive Committee.
  2. BI-ISIG Chair, Jenny Bogner, asked for a show of hands as to how many members would attend the MYM if individual TF meetings were reinstated.
    • Most of the members endorsing this option appeared to be on the Cog Rehab TF.
    • Monique Pappadis asked EC/ consumer members who would be interested in obtaining a scholarship for the MYM to notify the EC in advance so they could consider that request.
  3. Scholarship and award winners were announced and congratulated.
  4. A sign-up sheet was initiated belatedly for new attendees.
  5. Task force updates:
    • Chronic BI: Published a fact sheet on living well with BI, funded the Resource Facilitation survey which is nearing completion. Future: Special Issue of Brain Injury Professional, self-management manuscript, ethics in chronic BI manuscript.
    • Cog Rehab: Systematic review almost finished; 2nd edition of Manual underway. Future projects include a web version of the Manual-based workshop.
    • Communication and Prognosis: This TF is at a new starting point and will be receiving mentoring from Lance Trexler.
    • DOC: They have concluded a 7-year project by having guidelines published in Archives. They continue to work on end of life issues. There is a new collaboration with the American College of Surgeons, Rehab First, which Risa R. discussed using slides.
    • Girls & Women: They are about halfway through their systematic review. They have another project in which they are examining journal articles for their depiction of gender. They have seen an increase in invited talks and are collaborating with other groups such as Pink Concussion and the SCI SIG.
    • Peds/ Adolescents: They participated in the Report to Congress on children’s TBI and a CDC report on concussion management. Pediatric TBI will be the focus of the next GBIC. They have a manuscript submitted to Pediatric Neurology and a group working on a scoping review of family issues. Another work group is focused on transitions.
    • Mild TBI: They produced an I/EP page for Archives and a Concussion 101 article directed to primary care. Goals include a modified definition of mild TBI to update the current ACRM definition.
  6. New BI-ISIG officers were announced, introduced, and applauded.

Respectfully submitted,

Tessa Hart, PhD, FACRM
Secretary, BI-ISIG