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2019 Call for Nominations


The Stroke-ISIG is now accepting nominations for three officer positions on the Stroke-ISIG Executive Committee. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged, as are peer nominations of Stroke-ISIG members. Stroke-ISIG leadership opportunities are open only to ACRM members-in-good-standing. Nominations should be submitted to Stroke ISIG Chair, Mark Kovic, by 29 April 2019.


Nominations are due to Stroke ISIG Chair, Mark Kovic, by 29 April 2019. Please include the following information:

  • Candidates name and credentials (degrees)
  • Candidate’s job title and affiliation
  • Position for which you are nominating the candidate



  • With input from the networking group (NG), develop and update, at least yearly, a Vision Cast that includes a vision statement and goals
  • Assist the Chair in preparing meeting agendas, as well as conduct meetings in the absence of the chair
  • Stroke ISIG Member in good standing
  • Knowledgeable about and supportive of the ACRM and Stroke ISIG mission and objectives
  • Ability to accomplish tasks on schedule and to work effectively with other people
  • Understand and agree to the necessary commitment of time and community activities
  • Attend ACRM Annual Conference
  • Serves a two-year term

Communications Officer

  • Lead and appoint members to the Media and Marketing Committee
  • Editor of Stroke Matters, the official newsletter of the Stroke ISIG published on a bi-annual basis
  • Confirm Stroke ISIG website is up to date and reflective of the mission and activities of the Stroke-ISIG
  • In coordination with the ACRM National Office will be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of communication using social media
  • Serves a two-year term

International Networking Group Liaison

  • The International Networking Liaison will be responsible for integrating the International Networking Group activities with the Stroke ISIG and fostering collaborations
  • Serves a two-year term