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Pharmacology Task Force


***The Work of this Task Force has concluded***

Medication therapies significantly impact the health outcomes of patients who are in need of rehabilitative medicine. As a basic treatment modality, the judicious use of medications must be discussed and considered in almost all diagnostic groups we encounter. Neglecting the involvement of the pharmacist at the bedside, during interdisciplinary rounds and at times of transition is a costly mistake leading to poor patient outcomes.

The mission of this task force is to help define the role of the pharmacist within the rehabilitation medicine industry. Because of the variability in what pharmacists are doing within this arena, there is value in learning from one another the different ways we contribute. Once consolidated, the task force will have the responsibility of creating a recommended list of functional duties for pharmacists. This will help promote the role of pharmacy in rehabilitation medicine.

A second priority for this group will be to investigate gaps in medication therapy in rehab medicine. The task force will look to see where medication therapies have failed our patients, where interventions are necessary and what resources we have to counter some of these gaps in therapy. This will give us the tools to educate the community and to provide recommendations on how to engage these gaps.

2019 GOALS

  • Develop plan to increase task force membership by 50%
  • Develop student curriculum for pharmacy students in rehabilitation
  • Investigate pharmacy residency opportunities in rehabilitation
  • Submit at least one presentation for 2019 Annual conference



  • Work began to build an active membership
  • Met to discuss gaps in medication therapies