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Movement Interventions Task Force


The Movement Interventions Task Force is a dynamic group of neurorehabilitation researchers and clinicians representing a variety of disciplines from across the United States and Canada. A common interest among all members and the theme of this task force is movement after stroke. Movement-related deficits are the most common impairments exhibited after stroke, and in many cases, the most disabling. Yet, there remain few therapies that effectively target stroke motor impairments.

Moreover, the therapeutic ingredients that most impact motor changes after stroke, and the ways in which movement-related variables change after stroke (i.e. speed, precision, strength, pacing), remain poorly understood.

We are a product-oriented group focusing on developing new knowledge about movement after stroke through the development of presentations, papers, and other educational materials for patients, care partners, and professionals.

For more information about the Movement Interventions Task Force contact Susan Lin.  



Susan Fasoli, ScD, OTR/L

Susan Fasoli, ScD, OTR/L


Associate Professor
MGH Institute of Health Professions
Charlestown, Massachusetts

 Jeanne Langan, PT, PhD

Jeanne Langan, PT, PhD


Assistant Professor
University of Buffalo
Buffalo, New York

2019 GOALS

  1. Submit one conference proposal for the annual conference, fall 2019
  2. Submit at least one product for publication
  3. Update membership roster at least annually
  4. Host one virtual happy hour
  5. Facilitate communications and networking among task force members as well as with other task forces/ISIGs to identify potential opportunities for collaborations



  • Two symposia presented at ACRM Fall 2018 conference:
    • Proactively Preventing Falls in At-Risk Adults With Examples in Neurologic and Oncologic Populations
      Julie Schwertfeger, Susan Lin, Nicole Stout
    • Beyond Evidence-Based Practice: Using Implementation Science to Improve Stroke Rehabilitation
      Nancy Flinn, Susan Lin, Ann Van de Winckel
  • Two products submitted for publication:

    • Revising and submitting:  Outcome measures to evaluate functional movement after stroke.
      S. Lin, P. Bosch, V. Rowe, S. Fasoli, & J. Langan.

    • Manuscript submitted to ACRM – Transition Planning to Community for Patients with a Stroke.
      K. Miller, S. Lin, M. Neville.

  • Use of Dropbox to share roster, minutes, and agendas with 37 task force members (as of January 2018)

  • Hosted Virtual Happy Hour on Feb 22, 2018 – guest speaker, Ann Van de Winckle, PhD, MS, PT presented, Multisensory Rehabilitation to Facilitate Stroke Recovery

  • Collaborated with Cancer Rehab Networking Group for Symposium about preventing falls



  1. Symposium – Choosing Outcome Measures to Evaluate Functional Movement After Stroke: Are Resources Being Utilized Effectively? S. Lin, J. Langan, S. Fasoli, P. Bosch, V. Rowe. 2016 ACRM Annual Conference
  • Manuscript in final draft. Outcome Measures to Evaluate Functional Movement After Stroke. S. Lin, P. Bosch, V. Rowe, S. Fasoli, & J. Langan.
  • Manuscript submitted to ACRM Special Issues: Transition Planning to Community for Patients with a Stroke. K. Miller, S. Lin, M. Neville.
  • Increased organization of task force membership.
    • Requested and received updated member list
    • Updated member list with emails and updated roster
    • Use of Dropbox to share roster, minutes, and agendas with 31 task force members
  • Responsible for one Virtual Happy Hour (VHH) on May 18, 2017 featuring a presentation by Jayme Knutson, PhD: A Novel Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy for Post-Stroke Upper Limb Rehabilitation
  • Reached out to Stroke Health and Wellness task force for initial conversations about interests and possible collaborations.
  • Worked with new member, Julie Schwertfeger, who is also an APTA member, to create an interprofessional coalition to raise awareness of fall prevention awareness day and resources (#IP_FallPrev).