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Susan Wilbanks, PhD, ATC

CHAIR, Pain Rehabilitation Networking Group
Assistant Professor of Occupational
Therapy Concordia University Wisconsin

Susan Wilbanks is an assistant professor of Occupational Therapy at Concordia University Wisconsin where she teaches functional anatomy, and courses on research methods for the purposes of using evidence-based practice in a clinical setting. Her line of research focuses on prevention and management of chronic pain conditions of the head, neck, and shoulder, with a primary interest in episodic tension-type headaches and sub-clinical pain. On that line, she is interested in the mechanism that postural control and body awareness may play in the prevention and management of chronic pain, with a specific focus away from biomechanical factors and towards the role of self-efficacy and movement confidence. Dr. Wilbanks holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Athletic Training from Creighton University, a master’s of science in Movement Studies in Disability from Oregon State University, and a PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In addition to her roles in Occupational Therapy, she also guest lectures on functional electrical stimulation in Physical Therapy, and best practices for athletes with physical disabilities in Athletic Training.