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Neuroplasticity Networking group header

NNG Biomarkers Task Force

***Biomarkers Task Force has completed their goals and is no longer meeting***


The purpose of the Neuroplasticity Network Group’s Biomarker’s Task Force is to:


  • Establish a networking group (with new members) that consists of neuroimaging, proteomic and genetic experts
  • Facilitate collaborations for research studies
  • Combine different methodologies and work with MVANG Novel Methods Task Force for symposium & pre-conference workshops
  • Increase brain stimulation and biomarker content at next ACRM meeting


Newcomer participation is welcome! 


  • Write an Information/ Education Page (I/EP) in ACRM Archives
  • Work with us on symposia submissions for presentation at the ACRM Annual Conference
  • Develop dissemination products from the symposium content
  • Organize webinars