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ING 2019 Election


The 2019 Election Slate for the International Networking Group (ING) includes the following positions and candidates.

An election survey was sent to voting members of the ING on 16 December. If you believe you are a member-in-good-standing and did not receive an election survey or if you are unable to access the survey received, please contact Cindy Robinson for assistance.




For the office of International Networking Group Chair-Elect, the candidate is Kristine Kingsley, PsyD, ABPP.



Kristine Kingsley imageKristine T. Kingsley, PsyD, ABPP
American Board Certified in Rehabilitation Psychology
The Institute of Cognitive & Emotional Wellness – New York
Founder, Director
C.H.E. Behavioral Health Services, Consultant

I joined ACRM in 2008 and served as a member of the Executive Board for the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG) from 2014-2018. In 2015, a number of interdisciplinary clinicians and researchers from four continents established the I-NG Service Delivery Task Force. The mission has been to examine and promote global practices of rehabilitation medicine, while learning and sharing experiences with colleagues. Through my position as co-chair of the task force I have been able over the years facilitate a number of cross-cultural collaborations among researchers and clinicians, which in turn have resulted into fascinating products.

My growing involvement in the International Networking Group and my previous experiences with BI-ISIG have provided me with opportunities to learn more about ACRM, and to appreciate the role of I-NG within this professional setting. I have been fortunate to establish amazing collaborations on policy, advocacy, clinical services and research efforts, which strive to improve health care access and long-term outcomes for individuals with acquired brain injuries and their families.

I am the founder and director of the Institute of Cognitive and Emotional Wellness in New York, and a consultant with C.H.E. Behavioral Services. I have served as faculty member for several large university medical centers and was co-director of training for pre and postdoctoral psychology residents. I am a member of the board of trustees of the American Board of Professional Psychology and serve as a residency site visitor for the American Psychological Association.

We are entering a time of tremendous opportunity for brain injury and rehabilitation research, education, advocacy and policy change. These efforts may bring significant changes globally, and the I-NG group can undoubtedly be at the forefront. I am eager to join the Executive Committee as its Chair-Elect Officer and help promote numerous collaborations across borders.


For the position of International Networking Group Secretary, the candidate is Chetan Phadke, BPhT, PhD.


Chetan Phadke imageChetan Phadke, BPhT, PhD
Scientist, Spasticity Research Program
West Park Healthcare Centre
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy

University of Toronto
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health, York University

I would be honored to serve as Secretary of the ACRM International Networking Group Executive Committee. As a researcher and clinician, the International Networking Group mission represents what I love most about the field of rehabilitation.

I joined ACRM in 2013 upon recommendation from a mentor, and the International Networking Group Task Forces were what drew me to the organization. The productivity and the kind of international talent that these working groups attracted was truly impressive, and it was all driven by shared commitment to improving the lives of people with rehab needs. The ACRM and International have grown considerably since then, and the opportunities to carry out the International Networking Group mission have expanded accordingly.

Growing involvement in the International Networking Group over the years has provided me with opportunities to learn more about I-NG and its role in the ACRM. I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with people around the world who are working to improve long-term outcomes for people with stroke and other neurological conditions and their families.

My training and experience as a Physiotherapist, a PhD student/Post-doc and as a Researcher in three different countries have prepared me to serve in the role of the International Networking Group Secretary. I’m currently a Scientist in the Spasticity Research Program which I co-lead with two physician researchers who treat patients with spasticity post-CNS disorders. I’ve published over 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts on treatments and outcomes, led or collaborated on international studies, and I have presented my work internationally. The leadership, management, and interpersonal skills I have gained through these experiences will help me engage researchers and clinicians across disciplines to work toward common goals as Secretary.

I believe that we are entering a time of tremendous opportunity international rehab research, education, advocacy, and policy change. The International Networking Group represents the current and future leaders of these efforts, and I am eager to join the Executive Committee as its Secretary.


For International Networking Group Early Career Member-at-Large, the candidate is Nuri Erkut Kucukboyaci, PhD.



Erkut Kucukboyaci imageNuri Erkut Kucukboyaci, PhD
Associate Research Scientist, Kessler Foundation
Assistant Professor, Rutgers University PM&R Department

I would be honored to serve as the Early Career Member-At-Large of the ACRM International Networking Group (ING) Executive Committee. The ING represents a unique group of colleagues that I have been honored to collaborate and strongly identify with as a part of the ACRM in the past five years.

I joined ACRM in 2014 as a graduate student of the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program. My very first interaction with the ACRM was the Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Course. Following a professional spark ignited by the 2017 Brucker Lecture, I volunteered to take a leadership role for the Refugee Empowerment Task Force, where I collaborate with Dr. Papadimitriou, my co-chair extraordinaire, and work on augmenting the ING programming to raise awareness and cultural competence around this growing issue. I have organized & presented symposia on community-based approaches that improve the outcomes for refugees with disabilities, and another on health disparities and care issues experienced by religious minorities. I serve on the Communication Task Force of the Early Career Networking Group and straddle both roles for increased effectiveness and visibility for both groups’ projects.

My background as an early career member represents multiple, intersectional minority identities. My ACRM-ING experiences as a leader and a team member, and project management experience as a clinician /researcher in brain injury have prepared me for this role. I published over a dozen peer-reviewed manuscripts that focus on cognitive impairments. I am currently leading two extramurally funded research projects. The leadership, management, and interpersonal skills I have gained through these experiences will help me engage researchers and clinicians across disciplines to work toward common goals as Member-at-Large.

The ING represents a very collaborative environment that allows me to thrive. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to further serve a cause I am passionate about!


For International Networking Group Member-at-Large, the candidates are Rozlie Townsend, MA, CCC-SLP and Mansha Parven Mirza, PhD, OTR/L.


Mansha Mirza imageMansha Parven Mirza, PhD, OTR/L
Associate Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy
University of Illinois at Chicago

I would be honored to serve as Member-at-Large of the ACRM International Networking Group Executive Committee.

I joined ACRM at the beginning of 2018 as a member of the I-NG Task Force on Refugees. This is a small but passionate group of ACRM members who share a goal of addressing the many rehabilitation and service needs of refugees and forcibly displaced populations. The task force brings together an interprofessional group of rehabilitation clinicians and scholars on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to discuss a wide range of relevant issues.

I have been involved in the IN-G Task Force on Refugees for two years. During this time our task force has contributed two posters (with me as first author) and two symposia at ACRM conferences. We are also working with CARF on a survey of rehabilitation clinicians and their professional experiences of working with refugees and asylees. Our work is invaluable at a time when forced displacement has reached crisis proportions.

Currently I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My clinical training is in Occupational Therapy, followed by a PhD in Disability Studies and postdoctoral training in Health Services Research. I have nearly 15 years of experience in community service and research with refugee communities. My research has focused on health and disability disparities among refugees and immigrants settled in the U.S., and delivery of disability-related health and rehabilitation services for underserved and under resourced populations in local and international contexts. I have served as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on a series of grants related to these topics, including grants from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the American Occupational Therapy Foundation, and the National Institute of Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research. I have authored and co-authored 35 peer-reviewed papers and six book chapters related to my research.

The above experiences have prepared me well to serve as Member-at-Large within the ACRM International Networking Group Executive Committee. The IN-G’s mission supports critical global dialogue and innovation in the field of rehabilitation. I hope to advance this mission by expanding ACRM’s collaborations with refugee communities and global stakeholders, and by bringing entry-level service-oriented professionals into its fold.


Rozlie TownsendRozlie Townsend MA, CCC-SLP
Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

I currently work at Ohio’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a Bilingual-Bicultural Speech Language Pathologist. I work with Spanish speaking patients who present with speech/language, motor speech or voice disorders secondary to developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder or Down Syndrome. Prior to switching to the pediatric realm in 2017, I worked with adults with Aphasia, Apraxia, Dysarthria and cognitive-communicative deficits secondary to CVA, TBI, concussion, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Glioblastoma and Multiple Sclerosis. As I continue to serve culturally diverse patients, I would be honored to serve as the Member-At-Large Officer of the ACRM International Networking Group (I-NG) Executive Committee. The I-NG mission represents the importance and growth of cultural awareness within the field of PM&R. The I-NG is an evolving platform on which to educate ourselves and fellow colleagues regarding the need for culturally competent and appropriate evaluation, treatment and overall care.

I joined ACRM in 2016. Through exploration of the extensive opportunities offered within ACRM, I discovered the International Networking Group. As a Spanish speaking clinician, I grew excited to connect with and learn from fellow global clinicians and researchers. At the I-NG meeting in 2016, I volunteered as Co-Communications Officer with a Psychologist located in Cyprus. We have collaborated for on the I-NG newsletter for three consecutive years. We have shared our global involvement with the entire ACRM community and have used social media to expand our reach for cultural awareness. The International Networking Group’s diversity and voluntary commitment to helping others is remarkable.

We work in an increasingly global environment; it is important to maintain cultural cognizance to nurture best practice in the field of Rehabilitation. As a current member of The International Networking Group, I strive to expose our international involvement by sharing it via our annual newsletter, and maintaining a relevant presence on social media. I am eager to continue my engagement with the worldwide Rehabilitation field as the I-NG Executive Committee’s Member-At-Large.


For International Networking Group Communications Officer, the candidate is Eva Pettemeridou, PhD.



Eva Pettemeridou imageEva Pettemeridou, PhD
Clinical Psychology Center for Applied Neuroscience
University of Cyprus KIOS Innovation & Research Center of Excellence
University of Cyprus

I would be honored to serve as the Communications Officer of the ACRM International Networking Group Executive Committee. As an international researcher and clinician, the I-NG’s mission represents what I am most passionate about in the rehabilitation field.

I have joined ACRM in 2016 as a PhD student, and as an international member of the ACRM the I-NG was of most interest to me. The productivity of this group was exciting, driven by shared commitment to communicating and collaborating across international boundaries to advance rehabilitation research and evidence-based practice. The ACRM has been growing considerably, and the opportunities to achieve the I-NG’s mission have expanded, accordingly.

My involvement in the I-NG through the past three years has provided me with opportunities to learn more about the group and its role in the ACRM. I have been able to collaborate with the executive committee in helping promote the group’s mission and work by creating the group’s newsletter. This has brought more attention to the I-NG and has attracted more members.

My experience as the Communications Officer of the I-NG for the past three years has equipped me to serve in the role of the I-NG Communications Officer. Furthermore, I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Cyprus, conducting research on traumatic brain injury and stroke. In addition, as a licensed clinical psychologist I have been working with individuals with various psychological disorders. I have been presenting my work at different conferences, including the ACRM. Finally, I am a board member of the Cyprus Stroke Association aiming in raising awareness around stroke and in supporting stroke survivors. Through my experiences, I have enhanced my communication, management, and interpersonal skills that will help me work toward further promoting the work of the I-NG as a Communications Officer.

I believe that it is extremely important to establish international collaborations that will advance rehabilitation research and practices, further influencing policy change. The I-NG represents the current and future leaders of these efforts, and I am excited to continue serving as the Executive Committee’s Communications Officer.


For the position of International Networking Group Membership Officer, the candidate is Kathy Kniepmann, OTD, MPH, EdM, CHES, OTR/L.



Kathy Kniepmann imageKathy Kniepmann, OTD, MPH, EdM, CHES, OTR/L
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy and Neurology
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

I would be honored to serve as Membership Officer for the International Networking Group of ACRM. It’s my favorite part of being in the organization. I would love to promote expansion of the group and to strengthen of current involvement. Thank you for considering me.

When I first attended an ACRM conference in 2014, I was particularly invigorated by participation in the ING sessions. This is a dynamic, enthusiastic group of individuals who share their talents generously. They also have fun while working on important projects. My positive impression of the ING members and their work has grown over the past 5 years.

Dedication to quality of life and inclusive community is a driving force in my career. I am passionate about work with people who have disabilities and their families. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to live a full, meaningful life. As an occupational therapist and health educator, I have provided in-patient, out-patient, home health and community health promotion services. My public health experience includes education for international students, advocacy, AIDS education, youth enrichment, violence prevention and family caregiving initiatives. I have presented my work regionally, nationally and internationally in multiple venues.

I thrive on opportunities to share ideas with people from other cultures. Such experiences push me to recognize my assumptions, examine issues from new perspectives, expand my horizons, and build partnerships for innovative projects or products. We can learn so much more by developing partnerships with people from other countries and from throughout the USA.

The International Networking Group provides a dynamic network for inspiration and development. As the Membership Officer, I vow to work diligently at expanding the membership.