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Allan Tyson

Allan Tyson, MA


Allan Tyson received a BA in Psychology and an MA in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of South Florida. As a graduate of the Brain Injury Day Treatment Program (BIDTP) at Rusk Rehabilitation, he is a peer counselor for the trainees currently attending the BIDTP and a guide for the Achilles running group where he helps individuals with disabilities participate in the Achilles International signature race,  “Hope and Possibility,” and in the NYC Marathon.

Allan’s personal and professional efforts are directed at helping others to overcome obstacles and achieve promising life outcomes. An ambitious goal-setter, Allan motivates and encourages people to see beyond where they are, accept coaching from others on where they would like to be, in order to help them prepare for achieving their personal goals.

Tenacious and curious by nature, Allan is a firm believer in the importance of enriching life through continued physical and mental stimulation and growth. His interests range from photography to technology and his curiosity and tenacity have helped him to face and work through the many challenges caused by his TBI. In life and in work, Allan continues to set and achieve goals that, after his injury, many thought would not be possible; he delights in encouraging others to do the same.