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ACRM Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Networking Group

Excellence in CIRM Research Award


The Excellence in Complementary & Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Research Award recognizes an outstanding researcher who has demonstrated scientific excellence regarding the use and integration of complementary, holistic and integrative health approaches related to important rehabilitation medicine areas including healthcare, education and policy.




graphic header - ACRM Excellence in CIRM Research Award


Dr. Julian Thayer, Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science The University of California, Irvin, was awarded  Excellence in CIRM research.

Dr. Thayer is most renowned for his development of the  model of Neurovisceral Integration. This model suggests that vagally mediated heart rate variability (vmHRV) represents a psychophysiological measure of inhibitory control. He  received his Ph.D. from New York University in psychophysiology with a minor in quantitative methods. He has held faculty positions at Penn State University and the University of Missouri. Before moving to the Ohio State University in 2006 as the Ohio Eminent Scholar Professor in Health Psychology, Dr. Thayer was Chief of the Emotions and Quantitative Psychophysiology Section in the Laboratory of Personality and Cognition at the National Institute on Aging. He has also been a visiting professor at the University of Bergen in Norway and the Free University of Amsterdam and a Research  Fellow in Residence at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. He has published over 195 research papers and book chapters covering a wide range of topics including behavioral medicine, cardiology, emotion, psycho- pathology, bioengineering, research design and multivariate statistical techniques.

Dr. Thayer has received numerous research awards including the Sigma Xi Research Recognition Award and the Early Career Award for Contributions to Psychosomatic Medicine from the American Psychosomatic Society, and he is a Fellow of the Society for Behavioral Medicine. He has also received a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research on emotion in Norway and an Alexander von Humboldt Research Award to conduct research in Germany.


  • Candidates have made significant contributions to complementary integrative rehabilitation research during their career.
  • All career levels are eligible (some preference given to mid-career)
  • The Candidate nor the proposer do not need to be a current member of ACRM.
  • The Candidate needs to accept the award in person at the ACRM annual meeting and present her/is research at a CIRM sponsored symposium
  • Candidate may self-nominate.



  1. A CV for the nominee.
  2. A statement of approximately 500 words in length outlining the nominee’s research accomplishments in rehabilitation.
  3. One letter of support.
  4. Two peer-reviewed publications. Manuscripts accepted, but not yet published, are acceptable as well as those already in print.



Please submit nomination statement, publications and CV as one pdf via email to Terri Compos, Community Relations Manager.




2021: Yi-Yuan Tang, PhD