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Chronic Brain Injury Task Force Accomplishments




  • Systematic Review of Cognitive Rehabilitation for Older Adults in collaboration with the Cog Rehab Task Force & Girls and Women TF. Data extraction is nearing completion, and manuscript preparation will begin shortly. Project Contacts: Angela Yi and Yelena Goldin
  • Resource Facilitation project, aimed at exploring how Resource Facilitation is defined, implemented, and measured (in terms of outcomes) across the HRSA funded state TBI grants, TBI Alliances and TBI Associations. Survey content has been developed and is being programmed into a Survey Monkey web-based survey, with funding from the BI-ISIG.
    Project Contacts: Wendy Waldman and Summer Ibarra
  • Fact Sheet. “Living well after TBI” on healthy lifestyle choices/activities to promote healthy living after brain injury. Fact sheet is under development, with hopes for ACRM endorsement.
    Project Contact: Lenny Hawley
  • Project to characterize medical outcomes among long-term survivors of TBI receiving services at long-term care facilities 1-2 decades post-injury. This team is seeking collaborators from other long term care facilities who are able to participate in this medical records abstraction project.
    Project Contacts: Helen Carmine and Mary Pat Murphy
  • Developing Projects on mobile health technology in long-term health management and surveillance after TBI. Manuscript is currently under development for submission to a Special TBI Issues in Current Topics in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Reports. New project in collaboration with task force of the Measurement Networking Group is in development.
    Project Contact: Shannon Juengst
  • Invitation to contribute to a Special Issue of Brain Injury Professional on Chronic Outcomes of Brain Injury, with Guest Editors, Dams-O’Connor & Corrigan for Spring 2018. Details TBD!