• Brain Injury ISIG

    Mild TBI Task Force


    To enhance exposure to and discussion of key issues in contemporary diagnosis and treatment of mTBI and concussion, and to advance the quality of standards of care.



    Open Position. Please contact BI-ISIG Chair, Dr. Jennifer Bogner to learn more.


    Evaluation of Current Systematic Reviews and Practice Guidelines on mTBI

    Primary Objectives: Evaluate the scope and quality of current systematic reviews and practice guidelines and identify how the task force can best make a contribution to research, clinical practice, and education without replicating the work of other organizations.

    Current Status: Will meet bi-monthly in 2014 to evaluate identified published documents.

    End Product: Identification of goals for 2014 – 15.

    Estimated Date of Completion: April/May 2014

    Member Participation and Time Commitment: Interested professionals with research or clinical experience in the area of mTBI who are committed to using quality scientific evidence as the basis for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment are invited to participate in this task force. A minimum time commitment of 4 – 5 hours per month is required (2 x 1 hour task force conference calls, 2 – 3 hours literature review / evaluation).

    Conference Call Schedule: TBD; toll free call-in.