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ACRM Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group

Movement Task Force


The Arts & Neuroscience Movement Task Force is comprised of multiple disciplines working to advance scientific knowledge in the area of the arts in movement rehabilitation through the lens of neuroscience. The task force will work to develop and disseminate resources, based on scientific principles/knowledge on the clinical application of the arts and neuroscience in movement rehabilitation. Special projects will be developed by the task force to advance this mission.



  1. Increase awareness about importance of ARTS in medicine (promoting movement)
  2. Promote artists/researchers/clinicians who study/implement benefits of ARTS for therapeutic use
  3. Promote collaborations between rehabilitation professionals and artists practicing different forms of arts across different cultures
  4. Aid research by providing review articles, establish standards and paradigms for use of arts in movement science


We have an exciting project coming up in 2021 and we are asking for volunteers from our team. 

Some of you might know that ANNG is planning on hosting some webinars after the 2021 Annual ACRM meeting. The topic of the first webinar will be Dance for patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) with a focus on improvement of quality of life. This is related to the recent social media post about programs offered by Take Root dance company for patients with PD.

In preparation for the webinar, we plan to do a mini-review of research studies to gather evidence-based science on dance and PD, for which we need a group of volunteers. If any of you are interested, please write to the co-chairs of the movement task force, Abigail Spaulding or Jaswandi Pitale.


Jaswandi Pitale, PhD
Co-Chair ANNG Movement Task Force

Abigail Spaulding, PT, DPT, NCA
Co-Chair ANNG Movement Task Force



UCLA Arts & Healing HOPE Series (Healing online for people everywhere)

Online Mindfulness Classes

Dance for Parkinson’s Disease at Home




Jaswandi Pitale, PhD

Jaswandi Pitale, PhD


Product Research Engineer
Bertec Corporation

Abigail Spaulding, PT, DPT, NCA

Abigail Spaulding, PT, DPT, NCA


Physical Therapist
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital



  1. Plan task force meetings/events to contribute to growing membership of the Arts and Neuroscience Movement task force
  2. Lead the task force to identify projects (research/community-based) and actions pursuant to the task force mission which is to build awareness of and advocacy for the clinical application of the arts and neuroscience in movement science
  3. Participate actively in the executive committee meetings and work with them to execute projects/actions in a timely manner and according to any milestones established
  4. Collaborate with other ACRM task forces to advocate use of movement science in neurorehabilitation. This includes interacting with the Chairs, Co-chairs of other task forces to collaborate on research projects, conference symposiums and in general to further science across people in different fields of rehabilitation.