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ACRM Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group

Cognition Task Force


***Cognition Task Force has completed their goals and is no longer meeting***

The Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group Cognition Task Force is comprised of multiple disciplines working to advance scientific knowledge in the area of the arts in cognitive rehabilitation through the lens of neuroscience. The task force will work to develop and disseminate resources, based on scientific principles/knowledge on the clinical application of the arts and neuroscience in cognitive rehabilitation. Special projects will be developed by the task force to advance this mission.



Literature review reveals evidence for music-based interventions


Music can be a valuable tool to improve inpatient quality of life. Especially today, as patients are increasingly debilitated and isolated due to COVID-19, the Cognitive Task Force of the Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group wanted to provide evidence-based guidance for implementation of music-based interventions. They reviewed studies of music-based interventions in the ICU and compiled a collection of study summaries detailing several benefits, including lower anxiety and quicker weaning off of ventilators. These summaries were written in plain language to be accessible to the general public as well as seasoned researchers and practitioners. Follow the links below to review each collection of studies.

We would like to thank Steven Meisler, Cognitive Task Force Chair; Stephanie Plamondon, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Physiatry at the University of Calgary and India Lissak, Research Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital for their work in reviewing the studies.