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Exploring the Connection Between Music and Brain

The marriage of arts and medicine can seem like a novel concept, but it has been talked about for centuries. It’s only during the last decade or so that we have the technological advances to offer evidence for the importance of this interplay. The implications for neurorehabilitation has been indeed powerful and successful to date. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) entered the fold in 2016, introducing “Sound Health,” a partnership with the Kennedy Center and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to explore the music and brain connection and to promote health, and in late 2018 released the RFA for project support in music and health.

This came to fruition because of the dedication and leadership of the NIH director Dr. Francis Collins, a leader in precision medicine and instrumental in mapping the entire Human Genome. Last month, Ron Hirschberg visited the NIH and had the special opportunity to sit with Dr. Collins and discuss this relationship we strongly value in our field of neurorehabilitation.

Follow the link below to hear Francis Collins and Ron Hirschberg discuss music and scientific discovery, the necessity of interdisciplinary collaboration, and even spirituality. As ACRM and colleagues in medical rehabilitation continue to show scientific advancement in the 21st century, these lessons of listening, creativity and exploration that Dr. Collins preach will be critical elements for progress in recovery for our patients. Listen Now >>

Step into a leadership role as ANNG Social Media Officer

The Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group (ANNG) is looking for nominations for a Social Media Officer to join the group’s Executive Committee. The Social Media Chair will be responsible for the group’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Among other duties, this position will work with the ACRM team to curate content and schedule regular posts related to the Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group. If interested, please send an e-mail to the ANNG Chair, Brian Harris. Read More >>

Cognition Task Force seeks co-chair

The Arts & Neuroscience Cognition Task Force is comprised of multiple disciplines working to advance scientific knowledge in the area of the arts in rehabilitation through the lens of neuroscience. The task force will work to develop and disseminate resources based on scientific principles/knowledge on the clinical application of the arts and neuroscience in cognition. If you are interested in serving as co-chair of the Cognition Task Force, please contact Co-Chair, Allison O’Mara. Read More >>