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ACRM Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group

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Meet Ceci Juno, a member of the ACRM Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group from Ecuador.  By day, she is a neurologic music therapist treating Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and TBI patients, and by night she’s a vocalist, pianist, guitarist and songwriter with the #1 hit single in Ecuador called Fantasmas. Above the Basement—Boston Music and Conversation interviewed her during the ACRM Conference in Dallas. Follow the link to learn more and hear a sample of her soothing, jazzy, Latin-inspired music. Read more >>

RollingStone interviews Brian Harris on music for stroke rehabilitation and a first-ever prescription-music license deal with Universal Music Group

Brian Harris, MA, Mt-BC, NMT, founding co-chair of the ACRM Arts & Neuroscience Networking Group and co-founder and CEO of MedRhythms was featured in RollingStone on 29 September. MedRhythms is a fast-growing medical startup, founded in 2015, that closed a $25 million funding round in July. It combines music and health care technology to help patients with neurological injuries and diseases improve their ability to walk.

Its tech has gone through trials at major hospitals across the country, eventually leading to the company’s products earning breakthrough-device status from the US Food & Drug Administration. Now MedRhythms has partnered with Universal Music Group to license the first, FDA-approved, prescription-music platform in the United States. Read More >>