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2019 Call for Nominations


The Geriatric Rehabilitation Networking Group (GRNG) 2019 Call for Nominations is open for three officer positions on the GRNG Executive Committee:

  • Co-Chair Elect
  • Secretary
  • Social Media Officer

The deadline for nominations is 18 April 2019.

Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged, as are peer nominations of GRNG members. Scroll down to review the nominations procedure, eligibility criteria, and the responsibilities of each position. New officers will assume their positions at the ACRM 2019 Annual Conference and serve through the Annual Conference in 2021.

Thank you for your help in choosing the leadership of our community group!



All candidates must be or become an active ACRM member-in-good-standing and a current member of the GRNG. Early career professionals are encouraged to apply. All nominations should be sent to GRNG Chair, Emily Nalder, PhD and Terri Compos, ACRM Community Relations Manager and include the following:


  • The officer position for which the candidate is nominated
  • The name of the candidate, with credentials
  • Candidate’s title and affiliation
  • A 1-2 paragraph statement describing:
    • Your qualifications for the position (include both research and service/leadership qualifications)
    • New initiatives that you would like to promote within the group and/or new innovations to existing initiatives.
  • Candidate’s CV


Members eligible to serve on the GRNG Executive Committee meet the following criteria:

  • Active ACRM member-in-good-standing and member of GRNG
  • Knowledgeable about and supportive of the ACRM & GRNG mission and objectives
  • Ability to accomplish tasks on schedule and to work effectively with other people
  • Understand and agree to the necessary commitment of time and community activities
  • Ability to engage membership towards GRNG growth

Candidates for chair and co-chair positions must meet the following additional criterion:

  • Demonstrate a special commitment to and experience with the focus area of the networking group.


(2-Year Term)

The Chair-Elect holds office for two years. At the end of his/her term, the Chair-Elect will automatically assume the Chair position. The Chair holds office for two years and then assumes the role of Past Chair for a two-year term.

  • With input from the networking group (NG), develop and update, at least yearly, a Vision Cast that includes a vision statement and goals
  • Prepare an agenda for and conduct the networking group annual meeting at the ACRM Annual Conference
  • Plan NG projects and timelines.
  • Submit NG action plans to CEO. Discuss with CEO any project requests that may require funding or staff support.
  • Schedule and conduct at least quarterly meetings of executive committee of the NG and any additional meetings of the membership as approved.
  • Communicate with NG members at least twice a year. Maintain regular contact with Task Force Chairs to monitor projects, assess goals, progress and resource needs.
  • Attend scheduled meetings of the Chairs Council.
  • Submit a summary of yearly activities and accomplishments



(2-year term)

  • Initiates and facilitates communication and engagement amongst GRNG members. This may include social media platforms (e.g., YouTube, Twitter, Facebook).
  • Facilitates “match-making” between GRNG members related to GRNG initiatives (e.g., symposium planning, work products).
  • Attends leadership meetings including the Annual Geriatric Rehabilitation Networking Group Business Meeting and captures minutes using the ACRM Minute Template.
  • Leads a quarterly Communications Task Force meeting with the goal of engaging membership and reports back to the leadership.
  • Uploads approved minutes to for GRNG