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Program Committee


The purpose of the Programming Planning Committee is to organize and plan content for the annual meeting for both the pre-conference and core conference.


Megan Mitchell, PhD

Megan Mitchell, PhD


Cerner Corporation

Anne Deutsch, PhD, RN, CRRN, FACRM

Anne Deutsch, PhD, RN, CRRN, FACRM


Senior Research Public Health Analyst
RTI International


  1. Inspire content development and submission from the ACRM community
  2. Assess topics of interest to ACRM membership to address in the program
  3. Rate quality, collate, and organize content into pre-conference and core conference, including plenaries, special symposia, standard symposia, instructional courses, oral presentations, and poster submissions as applicable to each meeting
  4. Evolve content delivery based on feedback from the ACRM community


  1. Converted program delivery to virtual format and virtually organized content as a group
  2. Adapted intensive cross-cutting courses into core conference based on feedback from 2019 course
  3. Introduced Rehabilitation Education and Design (RED) talks into the core conference
  4. Instituted wider quality rating scale based for content assessment
  5. Scheduled community group meetings within the core conference time slots (Note: due to virtual delivery of conference, we did not get an opportunity to implement this approach as planned, but will revisit in the future)