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Membership Committee


The purpose of the Membership Committee is to identify key strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention.


  1. Plan, define, and implement:
    • New and past member recruitment efforts
    • Retention efforts for existing members
  2. Make recommendations and implement improved membership service initiatives with approval from the Board of Governors (BOG).



Catherine Vanderwerker, PT, DPT, PhD

Catherine Vanderwerker, PT, DPT, PhD




Angela Yi, PhD

Jennifer A. Bogner, PhD, FACRM


  1. Learning about the capabilities of the new membership system to track/monitor membership
  2. Tracking trends in membership with ACRM staff
  3. Completed a list of “Ways to Engage” in ACRM per BOG request
  4. Held a symposium at the 2022 ACRM Annual Conference titled Introduction to American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine: ACRM 101 to promote membership and member engagement

GOALS 2023

  1. Continue tracking trends in membership to identify potential target groups for membership recruitment, engagement, and retention
  2. Collaborate with BOG to finalize and utilize the “Ways to Engage” project for membership promotion and engagement 
  3. Collaborate with BOG on future membership service initiatives 
  4. Evaluate the Introduction to ACRM: ACRM 101 symposium to estimate potential effectiveness and consider appropriateness and needs for future Annual Conference 
  5. Explore potential ways to promote the Ambassador program within ACRM to help facilitate membership recruitment, engagement, and retention