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Communications Committee Invites Your Participation


The ACRM Communications Committee is seeking new members.  Our committee’s primary role is overseeing peer review of the  Information/Education Pages (I/EPs) for publication in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I/EPs are consumer directed information sheets that we intend to be shared with patients/clients/consumers by a healthcare provider. There is a lot of interest in these products and we need to expand our pool of reviewers.

It is difficult to estimate a review time as some people may take just 30 minutes to an hour while others may take a few hours diving into the topic. Since I/EPs are targeted at the consumer audience, it is not necessary to have specific content expertise in order to be an effective reviewer. It would be ideal to have a wide range of volunteers ready to assist.

As a committee, we meet every other month on the first Friday at 1:00 pm CST. We are also working on two committee-wide initiatives – development of a consumer review panel and process and translation of I/EPs. Committee members volunteer to conduct peer reviews and we are aiming to keep workloads manageable. The committee members have suggested that four reviews per year is reasonable and very doable (even with busy schedules).


The Member Guide to Product Development may help answer questions about ACRM Communications Committee responsibilities. This guide is for ACRM members working within special interest groups, networking groups, and committees and task forces interested in developing products through ACRM.

The link to the member guide is:


Page 3 of these guidelines has a section on the review process. When published, IEPs are typically two pages long (ideally 1200-1400 words) so the review process isn’t typically as intensive as for a research article. That being said, our committee members do take their reviewer job seriously and often provide a lot of feedback on shaping I/EPs for a consumer audience.


If you are interested and available, please contact Dr. Alison Cogan and Abiodun Akinwuntan and copy Jen Charat