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Communications Committee


The Communications Committee provides stewardship of publications from inception to submission to the Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation with the goal of disseminating interdisciplinary rehabilitation research into practice.


The Communications Committee provides editorial oversight for Archives of PM&R supplements, consumer- and clinician-directed educational resources called Information/Education Pages (IEP), and the soon to be launched Cochrane Corner feature. Information/Education Pages (IEP) are popular dissemination products that undergo rigorous peer review to ensure that they are evidence-informed, consumer relevant, and targeted to the intended audience. To help maintain the rigor and efficiency of the review process, we are seeking new members from all ACRM ISIGs and networking groups. It is a great opportunity for junior members to take on active roles within the broader organization and expand the work of your community group. Those interested should contact the committee co-chairs and copy Jen Charat,


Susan Magasi, PhD

Susan Magasi, PhD


Associate Professor
Departments of Occupational Therapy and Disabiltiy & Human Development
UIC College of Applied Health Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago

Matthew McFarland, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIS

Matthew McFarland, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIS


Speech-Language Pathologist
Rehabilitation Institute of Washington


  1. Oversee the solicitation, development, and publication of Information/Education Pages (IEPs) for publication in the Archives of PM&R
  2. Oversee the solicitation, development, and evaluation of supplement proposals for publication in the Archives of PM&R
  3. All recommendations by the Committee require BOG approval


  1. Jen Charat joined the committee as our ACRM staff representative
  2. Information/Education Pages (year to date): 8 published. 17+ received and evaluated. Strong pipeline with multidisciplinary focus
  3. Supplements (year to date): 1 published, 2 approved and submissions to the Archives have begun
  4. Initiated discussions with Cochrane Collaborative for “Cochrane Corners” – opportunity new publication opportunity for ACRM members to create user-friendly synthesis of Cochrane SLR
  5. Developed formal proposal of I/EP translation