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 dawn_neumann_2012 Dawn Neumann, PhD

Early Career Member-At-Large
Assistant Research Faculty
Indiana University School of Medicine
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Dr. Neumann is assistant research faculty at Indiana University School of Medicine in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and clinical research faculty at Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana in Indianapolis. She was awarded the Mary E. Switzer Merit Fellowship and the Indiana Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Fund in 2011 to study anger and aggression after TBI. Dr. Neumann joined ACRM about six years ago and values the opportunities membership affords her for making connections with leaders in the field of TBI and rehabilitation research. She is the first Early Career member-at-large to serve on the ACRM board of governors, and she is current chair of the newly formed Early Career Networking Group. Dr. Neumann welcomes the opportunity to network with colleagues and collaborators on issues and research related to socio-emotional deficits after TBI. She also encourages contact to learn about the work of the Early Career Networking Group and ways to become involved.