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    With the mission of IMPROVING LIVES of those with disabling conditions through interdisciplinary rehabilitation research, ACRM curates and disseminates world-class rehabilitation research.


    ACRM lotus graphicTHE CONFERENCE: PIRR

    Every fall, ACRM holds the LARGEST interdisciplinary rehabilitation research conference in the world, Progress in Rehabilitation Research (PIRR), with nonstop content for chronic disabling conditions such as: Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Pain, Cancer, and the study of Neuroplasticity.



    Archives iPad graphicTHE ARCHIVES

    The ACRM scientific journal, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (the ARCHIVES), is the most-cited journal in rehabilitation with more than 2.5 MILLION article downloads per year and rapidly increasing. Subscription to the journal is one of many benefits of ACRM membership.



    Only ACRM brings together the whole rehab team for INTERDISCIPLINARY NETWORKING. Regardless of job title, ACRM welcomes all — doctors, nurses, assistants, administrators, public policy specialists, researchers and so many more numerous job titles — who all share deep passion about the research, the science, making a difference, advancing the field, and IMPROVING LIVES.

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