Sonya Kim, PhD
Research Scientist, Assistant Professor, NYU Medical School

Sonya Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor
NYU Medical School


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Dr. Kim is Chair of the Complementary Integrative Rehabilitation Networking Group, a research scientist at the NYU School of Medicine where she has a joint appointment as Assistant Professor in the Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine departments. Dr. Kim is an early career clinical psychologist, a certified rehabilitation counselor and has board certification in biofeedback. As the pioneering force behind the use of heart rate variability biofeedback to improve emotional regulation for individuals with severe and chronic brain injury, Dr. Kim’s major research interests include cognitive deficits in multiple sclerosis, chronic TBI, and exploring mechanisms and interventions that help rehabilitate functioning post-brain injury. She has published and presented on the importance of lived experience as a framework for clinical care and research. She has served as PI in a grant-funded study to develop a post-traumatic growth (PTG) scale in partners of individuals with multiple sclerosis. Dr, Kim was recently awarded a grant by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to conduct a psychometric validation of this PTG scale for partners of persons with MS.