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Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) Training image

Wendy Waldman image

Wendy Waldman, BSW, CBIST, Brain Injury Continuum Outreach Manager, RHI-Northwest Brain Injury Center

Zenobia Mehta image

Zenobia Mehta, MA, CCC-SLP, CCM, CBIST, Corporate Educator, Centre for Neuro Skills

Peter Wright image

Peter Wright, MBA, CBIST, Director of Learning & Development ReMed Recovery Care

Dave Anders

Dave Anders, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIST Clinical Director, On With Life


Certified Brain Injury Training: The Official Academy Of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS)  TWO-DAY COURSE


TWO DAYS:  Friday & Saturday, 24 – 25 April 2020

TIME: FRI – 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM // SAT – 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Optional Exam: SAT – 3:30 – 5:30 PM

FORMAT:  2-Day Workshop

TOPIC AREAS:   Brain Injury, Clinical Practice (assessment, diagnosis, treatment, knowledge translation/EBP, implementation science, program development)

CAREER LEVEL: Intermediate



  • Brain injury-serving organizations value hiring and training CBIS certified staff, because this allows them to work with and promote clinicians who:
    • Understand the unique needs of persons recovering from brain injury and
    • staying abreast of current resources in the field.
  • Get continuing education units/credits
  • Network
  • Pop into ACRM Community group meetings & experience what ACRM is all about

Mohan Ganesan image“I strongly believe that professionals who work with individuals with brain injury will definitely benefit from this useful and informative course, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding of brain injury and improved patient care.” —Mohan Ganesan, PT, PhD, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Clarke University


Asha Vas image“The two-day course enables you to see the continuity of the topics (from anatomy-physiology to policy- regulations). The presenter’s personal experiences brought a context to the topics, which was helpful to remember the details.” —Asha K. Vas, PhD, OT, Assistant Professor, Texas Woman’s University


This Course and the CBIS Certification Exam are intended for direct-care paraprofessionals at all levels and experienced professionals who want a strong foundation in best practices for brain injury rehabilitation.

The ACBIS Course is designed to prepare participants to sit for the (optional) CBIS Certification Exam, which will be offered at the end of the course on 25 April.

Earn up to 12 hours of CME/CEUs


Limited capacity: secure your seat



The Brain Injury Association of America offers a national certification program through its Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS). This two-day training is the official course designed to prepare participants to sit for the Certification Exam and join more than 7,000 Certified Brain Injury Specialists worldwide.

To obtain certification, candidates must complete the required work experience/training and pass an examination.

The (optional) proctored certification exam will be offered at the end of the course on 25 April to those who register for the ACBIS Training Course and pre-apply to sit for the exam (additional fee applies) by 10 April. No exceptions to the deadline will be made.

Those who wish to participate in the training without sitting for the exam or obtaining certification are welcome to do so and may register for the training course up until the day of the event without pre-application. All participants will be eligible for CME/CEUs.

Brain injury-serving organizations value hiring and training CBIS certified staff, because it allows them to work with and promote clinicians who understand the unique needs of persons recovering from brain injury and staying abreast of current resources in the field.

The ACBIS Training Course will focus on:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Medical, physical, cognitive, neurobehavioral, and psychosocial consequences
  • Pediatrics, adolescents, and aging with a TBI
  • Concussions and mTBI
  • Disorders of consciousness
  • Rehabilitation philosophy, outcome measurement, and care management
  • Effect of injuries on families
  • Cultural, gender, and sexuality issues
  • Military populations
  • Neuropsychology
  • Participation and return to work

The latest edition of the Essential Brain Injury Guide (EBIG 5.0) also supports preparation for the Certification Exam and is available for purchase from BIAA.




  1. Define or describe topics including: diagnostic imaging; medical/physical/cognitive/neurobehavioral/psychosocial consequences; pediatrics/adolescents/aging/military populations; concussions/mTBI; disorders of consciousness; rehabilitation philosophy; outcome measurement; care management; family/cultural/gender/sexuality issues; neuropsychology; participation/return to work
  2. Demonstrate learning in a written examination
  3. Earn a national credential


Continuing education hours will be offered for the following professionals:

  1. Certified Case Managers (CCMC)
  2. Disability Management Specialists (CDMS)
  3. Occupational Therapists (AOTA)
  4. *Physical Therapists (FSBPT)
  5. **Physicians (ACCME)
  6. Psychologist (APA Division 22)
  7. Speech Language Professionals (ASHA)
  8. Nurses (ANCC)
  9. Rehabilitation Counselors (CRCC)
  10. Social Workers (NASW)
  11. Health Care Executives (ACHE)
  12. *ACRM offers Physical Therapy credit through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy – aPTitude.  States that accept FSBPT CEU credit include: AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, DE, DC, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MS, MO, MN,  MT, NE, NC, ND, OR, PA, SC, TN, UT, VT, VA, WI, WY.If your state does not accept FSBPT, you should verify whether or not they accept CME non-physician credit, which ACRM also offers.  ACRM is committed to helping you earn credit, so if you need additional documentation, please contact Jessica Runyon at**Credits also apply to disciplines that accept NON-Physician CME (Acceptance may vary depending on state)

Or receive a GENERAL CERTIFICATE of ATTENDANCE to secure other CME/CEUs on your own.



  • 12 Hours CME / CEUs: Continuing Education credit in your choice of 11 disciplines.

  • Downloadable slides: Password-protected access to downloadable training materials

  • Opportunity to sit for CBIS Certification Exam (additional fee and pre-application required)

  • NON-MEMBERS: receive 6-months introductory ACRM membership


Early Bird rates as low as $299/student member and $399/student non-member — including CME/CEUs.
See all registration rates >>




A Certified Brain Injury Training: The Official Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS) Course will be held on 24 April 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM and 25 April 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM. The optional CBIS exam will be given at the end of the course on 25 April 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM for participants who pre-applied for certification.

The course is appropriate for paraprofessionals and professionals at all levels who simply want a strong foundation in the best practices in brain injury rehabilitation and/or CME/CEUs, but do not wish to sit for the certification exam.

The Brain Injury Association of America offers a voluntary national certification program for both direct-care level staff and experienced professionals working in brain injury services through the Academy for Certification of Brain Injury Specialists.

The CBIS credential is open to any profession or discipline serving people with brain injury. Eligibility requirements for taking the CBIS Exam can be found on the BIAA website.

The CBIS Exam is a 70 question, multiple choice exam, on which you must get 80% correct in order to earn your CBIS Certification. To pass the CBIS Exam you will need to study and prepare well in advance. This Review Course will review materials which may be covered in the test. The CBIS Review Course will be instructed by ACBIS Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainers (CBISTs).

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for applying to ACBIS to become eligible to take the CBIS Exam, and for registering to attend the Review Course is April 10, 2020. No exceptions to the deadline will be made.


To take the CBIS Training Course and CBIS Exam attendees should complete a TWO-PART PROCESS.

  1. Complete the ACBIS Application Procedure and pay the $300 application fee directly to ACBIS (See Part I below for details)
  2. Register with ACRM to attend the CBIS Training Course (See registration rates)

The CBIS Training Course registration (to ACRM) and CBIS application (to ACBIS) are both due no later than 10 April 2020. 

For questions on the ACBIS application or certification process, please see the ACBIS website. If further information or clarification is needed, please contact Christine Chen, ACBIS Coordinator.

It is highly recommended that you study prior to the CBIS Review Course and the examination. You may purchase the study guide titled: The Essential Brain Injury Guide Edition 5.0 published by Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA). Please note that by applying for the CBIS credential through ACBIS, The Essential Brain Injury Guide is discounted to $90.00 plus $20.00 s/h.

Purchase the Study Guide >>

In order to take the CBIS Exam, you will need to bring your own laptop computer to the proctored examination that is offered at the end of the CBIS Training Course.



  • Complete and submit a USER ACCOUNT SETUP FORM to begin the CBIS application process. A confirmation email detailing your next steps will be sent to you.
  • Upon your receipt of the User Account Setup Approval Email, you will need to complete the CBIS APPLICATION FORM – a link to this application is included with your confirmation email after submitting the User Account Setup Form. The following items are necessary to complete this application:
    • An electronic copy of your resume
    • You will need to have made a form of payment prior to clicking “Submit” on the application. If paying by check, you will need to provide a check number; if paying by credit card, provide the BIAA Marketplace Confirmation number. Payments by credit card can be processed here.*Please note that applications will not be approved until payment has been confirmed.*
  • You will receive a confirmation email after your application has been approved. Please forward your confirmation email to Angie Jackson, MS-CCC/SLP, MBA, CBIST. Failure to provide the confirmation email may result in your not being eligible to take the exam.


This course is offered in conjunction with the ACRM Training Institute at the Spring Meeting. Half- and full-day Instructional Courses are also available 24-25 April. Discounts are available for ACRM members and those who register early.  See registration rates.