THANK YOU for submitting a proposal to present your research at the ACRM 2019 Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research. The Program Committee is delighted to welcome you to the conference faculty. Please bookmark this page and check back frequently for presenter updates, deadline reminders and more.

We aim to keep you informed and supported to ensure the best presenter experience possible. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact

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Key Actions & Deadlines


  • NOW: Book your room at the headquarters Hilton
    The ACRM discounted room block is already more than 60% full and will sell out. Government rate rooms are in short supply. Avoid disappointment by booking your room today.
  • NOW: Take advantage of Early Bird Registration for the lowest rate offered. PLUS enter discount code: PRESENTER20 to receive an additional 20% off your total registration. All presenters are required to register for the event.


  • 1 MAR: Instructional Course acceptance/decline notifications due to submitters
  • 3 APRIL: Symposia acceptance/decline notifications due to submitters
  • 3 APRIL: Intensive Cross-Cutting Program acceptance/decline notifications due to submitters
  • 24 MAY:  Paper & Poster acceptance/decline notifications due to submitters
  • 19 AUG: Late-Breaking Research poster acceptance/decline notifications due to submitters


  • 23 JUL: Call for Late-Breaking Research ends – Poster proposals due 9 July.
  • 8 AUG: Abstract Publication Deadline – The abstracts of all oral presentations (papers) and scientific posters accepted on or before 24 May for presentation at the ACRM 2019 Annual Conference are eligible for publication in the October 2019 issue of the Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. To qualify, one presenting author of the abstract must be registered for the conference by this deadline.
  • 13 SEP: Poster Award Deadline – To be considered for more than two dozen ACRM Program Committee and Community Group-sponsored poster awards, your final poster file (PDF or PPT slide of poster) must be uploaded to the Presenter Portal by this deadline
  • 15 SEPT: Late-Breaking Research Poster Presenter Registration Deadline
    All abstracts of late-breaking research posters accepted on 19 August for presentation at the 2019 Conference are eligible for publication in the online pages of the December issue of the ACRM journal, Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. To qualify, poster presenters must register for the conference by this deadline.


  • 12 OCT: Final Poster File Upload Deadline (PDF or PPT slide of poster)
    This deadline is for all poster presenters and provides attendees with access to your poster via the conference app.
  • 14 OCT: Final Presentation (PPT or PDF) upload deadline
    This deadline is for instructional courses, symposia, and oral paper presentations. One final presentation file, comprising all co-presenter slides and one set of CE Compliance Slides, should be uploaded to the Presenter Portal by the lead presenter. ACRM will preload your presentation onto an ACRM laptop for your use in the classroom. Presenters are encouraged to bring a backup of their presentation on a thumb drive.

Book Your Room

The ACRM hotel room block will sell out. Book early and enjoy the convenience and savings of staying at the conference headquarters hotel.


or by calling +1.877.865.5320 with discount code: CRM
for government room block)

ACRM-discounted rates for Single/Double rooms:

  • Standard room – $252 plus tax
  • GOV room – $212 plus tax

Presenter FAQ



Q: Does ACRM offer presenters a registration discount?
A: Yes! All presenters of symposia, oral paper presentations, and posters are eligible for 15% off their total registration. Early Bird discounts also apply.

Q: How do I request my Presenter Discount?
A: When you checkout at registration, enter the presenter code provided in your presenter communications to receive this discount.

Q: Where can I find Registration Rates and deadlines?
A: On the conference website >>

Q: Who can I contact with questions about my registration?
A: Member Services at or +1.833.428.0878



Q: One of my presenters is unable to attend the conference. Can I invite a knowledgeable substitute presenter?
A: Yes, ACRM will be happy to make presenter substitutions. Contact Cindy Robinson at with the name, credentials (degrees), email address and role of the substitute (presenter, moderator, panelist) you wish to add to the presentation.

Q: I logged into the Presenter Portal, but I cannot make changes to the body of my abstract. Am I permitted to make minor changes?
A: Yes. Please contact Cindy Robinson at for assistance.

Q: I logged into the Presenter Portal, but I don’t see my posters listed with my other presentations. Where are they?
ACRM uses two separate portals to manage presentations. The Presenter Portal is where you manage your symposia, instructional course and/or paper presentations. The Poster Portal is where you manage your posters. Your personal login credentials are the same for both portals. If you lost your password/access key and need assistance, please contact Cindy Robinson at



Q: What is the deadline for uploading Symposia and Instructional Course Presentations?
A: 14 October

Q: What is the deadline for uploading Poster Presentations?
A: To be considered for poster awards, poster files must be submitted by 13 SEPT. Otherwise, the final deadline is 21 OCT.

Q:  How do I upload my presentation?
A: Log into the Presenter Portal or Poster Portal using the access key you used to upload your submission. Click on the “Upload Presentation” task and an upload feature will appear. You can upload in PDF or PPT format.

Q: Can I have an extension for uploading my poster presentation?
A: Please contact to request an extension.

Q: Can I make changes to my presentation after it’s been uploaded?
A: Yes! Minor changes can be made until 21 OCT.

Presentation Requirements

The lead presenter is responsible for collecting and compiling slides from each presenter and compiling them into one final presentation file (PPT or PDF) for upload to the Presenter Portal. ACRM staff will preload presentations each day onto ACRM laptops for your use in the classrooms. This file should include one set of CE Compliance Slides which details conflict of interest disclosures for each of the participating presenters. Non-presenting authors are not required to submit disclosures.

The presentation file will be reviewed to verify that:

  1. All required CE Compliance Slides are included
  2. The content is suitable for our interdisciplinary audience
  3. The presentation is free of commercial content
  4. The presentation generally matches up with the learning objectives for the session.

Download required CE Compliance slides here.

Distribution of Presentations

ACRM will make all presentation slides available to conference attendees through the conference app. YOU MUST NOTIFY ACRM IF YOU DO NOT WISH YOUR PRESENTATION TO BE INCLUDED FOR DISTRIBUTION no later than 14 October 2019 by emailing with the session ID, session title, presenter name, email address and instructions to exclude specific presentation slides or all slides for the session.

On-Site Logistics


Pre-Loaded Presentations

To facilitate a smooth flow of sessions in each meeting room and reduce opportunities for technical difficulties, all presentations will be pre-loaded and ready to run for the start of each session. Your presentation, as submitted to ACRM, will be loaded on the ACRM laptop the evening prior to your presentation. Our aim is to start and end each session on time.


Session Room Set up

Each session room will be equipped with a laptop, projector, and screen for your presentation. In addition, there will be a table, three chairs and a podium at the front of the room. With the exception of the large plenary sessions, rooms will not generally include a microphone or sound system for videos.

If you require a microphone, plan to use video with sound or require special accommodations (e.g., ramp, stool), please let us know immediately by emailing Please include your name, session ID and session title. If you have already received confirmation, there is no need to alert us again. Requests for a microphone and audio or video equipment on site will be granted on a first come, first served basis and availability cannot be guaranteed. Please notify us by email no later than 15 September 2019.


Presenter Ready Room

A Presenter Ready Room will be available on-site. Hours will be posted closer to the event. Visit the Presenter Ready Room if you have significant changes to your presentation or would like to test your presentation. If you would like assistance outside of the posted hours, please email Maegan Criscione. You are not required to visit the Presenter Ready Room if you do not have changes.


Presenter Introductions

You will be responsible for introducing yourself and running your presentation. Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled beginning of your session to ensure a timely start. Please keep to the allotted timeframe, including time for questions and answers.


Session Lengths

  • Symposia: 75 minutes
  • Oral Presentations: each presenter is allotted 15 minutes to present their paper and answer questions (75-minute session total)
  • Instructional Courses: 4 or 8 hours

Handouts are not required and are your responsibility if you choose to provide them. Presentations and poster files will be available through the conference app free of charge to registered attendees.


Using Video in Your Session?

If your presentation uses video with sound, please let us know by emailing no later than 15 September 2019 so we can ensure the session room is set up properly. Feel free to visit the Presenter Ready Room to test the presentation and video. You are also welcome to bring your presentation on a USB flash drive or even your own laptop if you are concerned about the video playing properly.

If you elect to use your own equipment, you do so at your own risk. ACRM cannot be responsible for technical compatibility issues or proper functioning of your equipment. We highly recommend that you visit the Presenter Ready Room in advance to test your presentation.

If you have not previously notified ACRM that you will be requiring audio/video equipment for your presentation, we cannot guarantee availability.


As a presenter, you are required to register for the conference through the Presenter Registration portal, even if no registration fee is due. Presenters of symposia, oral paper presentations, and posters are eligible for 20% off their total registration. Enter your presenter code at checkout to receive the lowest rate. Early Bird rates apply.

For those who want to do it all, the WORLD PASS boasts a tremendous value! Learn more >>
Save even more by first renewing/purchasing ACRM Membership!

Non-members receive a six-month introductory ACRM membership with registration, providing access to your choice of 22 specialized ACRM Community Groups.

If you have registration questions or need assistance, please contact



Each year, the ACRM Program Committee and individual ACRM Community Groups sponsor more than two dozen prestigious poster awards.  In 2019 ACRM will offer the following poster awards:

  • ACRM Outstanding Poster Award:
    • 1st Place
    • 2nd Place
    • 3rd Place
  • Brain Injury ISIG David Strauss Memorial Poster Award
  • Brain Injury ISIG Deborah Lee Price Girls & Women with ABI Task Force Poster Award
  • Brain Injury ISIG Early Career Best Poster Award
  • Spinal Cord Injury ISIG Early Career Poster Award
  • Spinal Cord Injury ISIG Best Poster Award
  • Stroke ISIG Early Career Poster Award
  • Stroke ISIG Newsworthy Poster of the Conference
  • Stroke ISIG Outstanding Scientific Poster Award
  • Best Scientific Poster in Cancer Rehabilitation
  • New Investigator Poster Award in Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Excellence in Complementary, Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Poster Award
  • Best Early Career Poster in Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • Best Scientific Poster in Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • International Networking Group Poster Award
  • Measurement Networking Group Early Career Poster Award
  • Measurement Networking Group Measurement in Action Poster Award
  • Measurement Networking Group Advancing the Science of Measurement Poster Award
  • Military & Veteran Affairs Networking Group Best Poster Award
  • Military & Veteran Affairs Networking Group Early Career Poster Award
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group Best Poster Award
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group Early Career Poster Award
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking Group Poster Award
  • Physician and Clinicians Networking Group Poster Award
  • Best Early Career Poster in Technology Award
  • Best Overall Poster in Technology Award

To be eligible to participate in the ACRM Poster Award Program, your poster file (PDF or PPT) must be uploaded to the Poster Portal no later than 13 September 2019. Otherwise, the final deadline for uploading your poster file is 21 October.


Abstracts of oral paper presentations and scientific posters presented at the conference will be published in the electronic pages of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation—the most cited journal in rehabilitation. Abstracts will be fully indexed, searchable, and citable.

To qualify for publication, one presenter from the abstract must be registered for the conference by 8 August.


Posters will be assigned to a specific display board by subject matter. Your board assignment will be posted near the entrance to the EXPO Hall. Please be certain to place your poster on the correct board.

Poster display boards are single-sided, landscape format boards measuring 4′ H × 8′ W (122 cm Height x 243 cm Width). Posters may be any size as long they will fit on the poster display board. The suggested size is 42” x 90”. Posters should be mounted on the assigned board using the pushpins provided.

Please secure your poster carriers in your hotel room, as this is a public space and ACRM cannot be responsible for items left in the poster area.



Poster set-up is Tuesday 5 November 10 AM – 5 PM
Stop at the Poster Check-in Table near the entrance to the display area to learn where your poster
should be mounted.

Poster take-down is Thursday 7 November 4:30 – 8 PM 
Any poster remaining after 8:00 PM will be removed by staff. ACRM cannot be responsible for
abandoned posters.


Poster presenters should be prepared to stand by their poster, present their findings and answer questions from attendees during their assigned presentation time. 

One presenter per poster is required. Whenever it’s convenient throughout the conference we encourage poster presenters to staff their poster during networking breaks.

Poster Viewing Hours

TUES, 5 NOV: 6:15 – 8:45 PM
WED, 6 NOV: 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM
THURS, 7 NOV: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Your poster must be displayed for viewing from 6:15 PM on TUES, 5 NOV through 4:30

Promote Your Session

No one knows your presentation better than you. That is why ACRM has developed a wide variety of promotional tools to help you inform and invite the professionals who will benefit most by attending.

Check out the ACRM Marketing Toolbox and take your pick of graphics, logos, webpage links, and banner ads. Use them to effectively promote your session at your own institution, to students and mentees, and like-minded colleagues through your professional listservs, email communications, social media and PowerPoint presentations. Take your pick!


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Note: Presenters, sessions, and room assignments are subject to change. Please check when onsite.

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