REGISTERED Presenter Benefits 2022


“ACRM PRESENTER EXPOSURE”Become a 2022 ACRM Conference Presenter

Reach the World with YOUR Research



  • ACRM’s scientific journal, the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (the “ARCHIVES”) is the most cited journal in rehabilitation
  • All abstracts of accepted oral and poster presentations of scientific papers will be published (fully searchable and citable) in the online pages of ARCHIVES


  • Conference and course promotion through all ACRM communication channels
  • Weekly ACRM eNews
  • Community group newsletters
  • Email campaigns (millions)
  • Websites:, Online Program, ARCHIVES of PM&R & ARRCT
  • ARCHIVES of PM&R print ads and outserts (200,000+)
  • Social media campaigns — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo (1000s and 1000s of posts)
  • Event brochures — electronic (millions) & printed (350,000+)
  • Direct mail advertising (tens of millions)
  • Custom digital ads (badges) featuring presenters
  • Dedicated web page for each presentation in the online program and app
  • Dedicated web page for each presenter in the online program and app
  • Outreach to major medical news media such as CNN, NYT, Wall Street Journal, etc.


  • Get known and expand your career opportunities
  • Invitation to join ACRM community groups with like-minded professionals
  • The opportunity to translate your research and knowledge for use in clinical practice
  • Present your research to an interdisciplinary audience
  • Meet other researchers and clinicians interested in your research/ collaboration
  • Interprofessional networking
  • Advocate for your approach to an issue facing your field today
  • Contribute to your overall research profile by adding “ACRM PRESENTER” to your CV


  • 20% OFF registration (save up to $400)
  • Non-members receive 6-month introductory ACRM membership with registration (VALUE = up to $150)
  • And, becoming an ACRM 6-month member allows you to join any group, networking group or ISIG

ON-SITE PLATFORM — Nothing like sharing in-person

  • Venue space — individual room provided for each symposium — furnished with podium, microphone/amplicification, A/V equipment, table, and seating20% OFF registration (save up to $400)
  • Projection equipment — audio/visual equipment and assistance when needed
  • Hotel space and Poster Board for mounting and displaying your poster — arranged by topic area
  • Speaker ready room assistance

VIRTUAL PLATFORM — Make your research go further

  • A high-end online platform provided for you to easily record your audio allowing you to record your audio segments per slide
  • The platform allows for Q&A, Live Chat (optional)
  • Poster presenters record their narration — with Q&A available to all registered attendees for 6-months after the event
  • Online recorded content remains accessible for all registered attendees for 6-months after the event—with CME/CEU processing
  • Dedicated web page for each presentation in the online program and app
  • Dedicated web page for each presenter in the online program and app

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