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Welcome Reception for New Members & First Time Attendees — WED 21 OCT 3:45 PM

WED 21 OCT: 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Come to this casual “meet and greet” to hear about the ACRM Community Groups — Interdisciplinary Special Interest and Networking Groups. Meet seasoned members of ACRM and find out how to get involved.

ACRM family of 22 community hexagons June 2020

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ISIG Meetings (mornings & evenings*)

ISIG = Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group

Show-up and engage at the many opportunities with the ACRM INTERDISCIPLINARY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (ISIGs). These typically are the longest-running and largest of the ACRM family of Community Groups. Don’t let their abbreviations scare you; new members are wanted & welcomed. ISIGs operate with their own executive committee and are comprised of Task Forces — each focused on a specific topic or project. As an ACRM member, you may participate in existing task forces or propose and lead the development of a new one.

*Exception: the BI-ISIG (Brain Injury ISIG) will not meet in the mornings or evenings. Instead, the BI-ISIG annual Summit will be Thursday 22 OCT 12:30 – 1:45PM.

MORE about ACRM ISIGs >>

ACRM Networking Community Group Meetings (dozens daily)

Dozens of ACRM Community Group VIRTUAL NETWORKING hours are built into each day of the CORE conference. Morning & afternoon meet-ups each day of the CORE event will include a brief overview of the goals and leadership of the group.

Here is where you can chat & connect with peers, researchers and presenters all over the world face-to-face. Depending on your time zone and your preference, bring a beverage — coffee, tea, lemonade, wine, beer, water and toast to change & to meaningful connections. There will be meet-ups in the morning & afternoon each day of the CORE event.  See the latest schedule of Meet & Greet Community Meetings >>

ACRM Task Force Meetings (many)

ACRM Task Forces are the driving forces within the 22 Community Groups. As an ACRM member (everyone registered for the event is automatically an ACRM member for six months), you may participate in existing task forces or meet with the Chair of these groups to propose and lead the development of new ones. See the latest schedule of Task Force Meetings >> 

Conference APP (messaging to fellow attendees)

As a registered attendee, you have exclusive access to reach out to other attendees and presenters through the ACRM Conference App and inside the closed Facebook Group that is only for registered conference-goers. MORE >>

Meet the Editors — TUE 20 OCT 5:30 PM

Want to get published? Want to hear what it takes?

ARCHIVES of PM&R - The most-cited journal in Rehabilitation

Don’t miss this meet-up with the editors of the ACRM scientific journals — affectionally known as “the red journal,” the Archives of PM&R and the open-access journal, “Archives of Rehabilitation Research & Clinical Translation.”

Bring your questions and find your answers and connect with others similar to you. Hear about how to get published, authorship, reporting guidelines, reviewing in medical rehabilitation. MORE >> COMING SOON


MORE — coming soon


MORE — coming soon

AWARDS GALA — FRI 23 OCT: 6:00 - 6:30 PM

The Annual Henry B. Betts Awards GALA 

Prestigious ACRM awards will be presented. MORE — coming soon


ePosters at ACRM this year will be very cool.

Hear the poster authors’ narration anytime. Participate in dialogue right on the poster. Two dedicated Poster Sessions will be THURSDAY & FRIDAY 3:30 – 4:30. 

We love posters as much as you do, and so we made these times unopposed along with the Oral Presentations so we can all focus on meeting up with each other and taking these in.

All this is done in the ACRM Searchable Online Program & the ACRM App

More e-Posters BENEFITS:
  • You can access the latest greatest rehabilitation scientific posters from ANYWHERE in the world with an internet connection (even the International Space Station)
  • Search through and discover hundreds of posters by author, keywords, focus area/track, title
  • Scroll through e-posters using handy arrow features
  • Easily zoom in/out on posters
  • Bookmark faves (bookmarked posters that go into a “My Gallery”)
  • Take notes on posters
  • Hear audio — the presenter’s narration
  • See handouts — when presenters may include along with their poster


ORAL PRESENTATIONS including the Deborah L Wilkerson Award supported by Carf International

MORE — coming soon

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We’re planning a fun wrap-up with surprises. You definitely want to stick around for this — another place to be seen and be heard at #ACRM2020. MORE >> coming soon.


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