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Brain Injury ISIG David Strauss, PhD, Memorial Award

History of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Those Experiencing Homelessness in San Jose, CA
AUTHOR: Joyce Chung, et al.


Brain Injury ISIG Early Career Best Poster Award

Duration of Post-traumatic Amnesia Is Associated with Chronic Memory Impairment after Moderate-to-Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
AUTHOR: Umesh Venkatesan, et al.


Brain Injury ISIG Deborah Lee Price Girls and Women with ABI Taskforce Poster Award

Meaningful participation differs based on gender in chronic traumatic brain injury
AUTHOR: Chung Lin (Novelle) Kew, et al.


Spinal Cord Injury ISIG Early Career Poster Award

Perturbation-Based Training in Combination with Functional Electrical Stimulation: A Promising Mixed-methods Case Study
AUTHOR: Cindy Gauthier, et al.


Spinal Cord Injury ISIG Best Poster Award

Web-based Calculators to Identify Individualized Risk of Unintentional Injuries for People with Spinal Cord Injury
AUTHOR: Chao Li, et al.


Stroke ISIG Early Career Poster Award

Proportional recovery and association with health-reported quality of life
AUTHOR: Chen Lin, et al.


Stroke ISIG Outstanding Scientific Poster Award

Contralaterally Controlled Functional Electrical Stimulation of Triceps Improves Recovery of Reachable Workspace After Stroke
AUTHOR: Jayme Knutson, et al.


Stroke ISIG Newsworthy Poster of the Conference

Incorporating Neighborhood Socioeconomic Disadvantage Measures in Rehabilitation Clinical Trials
AUTHOR: Josue Rodriquez, et al.


Excellence in Complementary, Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Poster Award

Two different mechanisms of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: Asymmetrical hyperactivation and asymmetrical weakness
AUTHOR: Yulhyun Park & Ju Seok Ryu


Measurement NG Early Career Poster Award

Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) Is a Biomarker of Objective Cognitive Impairment but Not Subjective Cognitive Complaint in Cerebral Palsy
AUTHOR: Ted Ng, et al.


Measurement NG Measurement in Action Poster Award

Understanding Momentary Relationships of Somatic and Mood Symptoms with Social Interactions among Persons with Stroke
AUTHOR: Yejin Lee, et al.


Measurement NG Advancing the Science of Measurement Poster Award

Rasch Validation of the Revised Body Awareness Rating Questionnaire
AUTHOR: Sydney Carpentier & Ann Van de Winckel


Military & Veterans Affairs NG Best Poster Award

Improvement in Executive Functioning after Goal-Oriented Attentional Self-Regulation Training Predicts Reduction in PTSD Hyperarousal Symptoms Among Veterans With Comorbid PTSD and Mild TBI
AUTHOR: Brian Maruyama & Tatjana Novakovic-Agopian


Military & Veterans Affairs NG Early Career Poster Award

Social Presence & Social Learning in ELearning Towards Military Caregivers and Learning Communities of Individuals with Hidden Disabilities
AUTHOR: Precious Goodson & Kiffaney Scott


International NG Poster Award

Predictors of independent living activities in elderly people aged 90 years and older living in northern Okinawa, Japan, using a multi-level mixed-effects parametric survival model
AUTHOR: Akira Kimura


Best Scientific Poster in Cancer Rehabilitation

Short-term Pediatric Intensive Therapy (SPRINT) – An Inpatient Therapy Program for Pediatric Patients with Oncologic and Hematologic Diagnoses
AUTHOR: Elaine Tsao, et al.


New Investigator Poster Award in Cancer Rehabilitation

Do Physical Therapy Services Benefit Mastectomy Patients?
AUTHOR: Sozina Katuli, et al.


Best Early Career Poster in Geriatric Rehabilitation

Patient and injury characteristics of older adults with TBI receiving post-acute care in skilled nursing and inpatient rehabilitation facilities
AUTHOR: Emily Evans, et al.


Best Scientific Poster in Geriatric Rehabilitation

Predicting the Handgrip Strength across the Age Span: Validating Reference Equations from the 2011 NIH Toolbox Norming Study
AUTHOR: Inga Wang & Richard Bohannon


Neurodegenerative Diseases NG Best Poster Award

The safety, tolerability, and impact of a combined respiratory intervention in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
AUTHOR: Cara Donohue & James Coyle


Neurodegenerative Diseases NG Early Career Poster Award

Cognitive Self-efficacy in Parkinson’s Disease
AUTHOR: Pooja Jethani, et al.


Pediatric Rehabilitation NG Poster Award

Validity of the Child Feeding Questionnaire for the Prediction of Aspiration Risk in Children with Cerebral Palsy
AUTHOR: Ksenia Bykova


Physician and Clinicians Networking Group Poster Award

Creating Home Practice Programs for Persons with Aphasia: A Survey of Speech Language Pathologists
AUTHOR: Elena Donoso Brown, et al.


Best Overall Poster in Technology Award

Improving patient safety in the rehab setting with efficient patient monitoring techniques and other interventions
AUTHOR: Sumier Overcash


Best Early Career Poster in Technology

Wearable-based Spasticity Prediction and Validation Using Machine Learning
AUTHOR: Shou-Jen Wang, et al.


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