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Poster Winner 2018 Grampurohit at ACRM DALLAS

Poster Winner 2018 Grampurohit at ACRM DALLAS

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Poster Awards


Poster Awards for 2020 will be determined closer to the event. Meanwhile, please help us celebrate and honor last year’s winners.




The Strongest Predictors of Length of Stay and Successful Prosthetic Fitting for Lower Limb Amputees
AUTHOR: Michael Chislett et al


A Patient-Centered Medical Home for Young Adults with Autism and Subsequent Emergency Department Utilization
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Koss Schmidt et al


Delivery Methods and Dosage of Pain Neuroscience Education, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness
AUTHOR: Lisa Spiker et al



Best Early Career Poster in Geriatric Rehabilitation

Comorbidities and Medications Associated With Falls in Older Adults With Osteoarthritis: A Retrospective Study
AUTHOR: Aqeel Alenazi et al


Best Scientific Poster in Cancer Rehabilitation

Impact of Somatic Yoga and Meditation for Chemotherpay-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Syndrome in Cancer Survivors
AUTHOR: Mary Lou Galantino


BI-ISIG Early Career Best Poster

Recovery Trajectory of Headaches Attributed to Concussion in an Adults at the Hull-Ellis Concussion Clinic
AUTHOR: Laura Langer et al


Best Early Career Poster in Technology

Upper Extremity Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients Using Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Game :a Preliminary Study
AUTHOR: Seung Hak Lee


David Strauss, PhD Memorial Award

Assessing Negative Attributions and Anger After Brain Injury: A Comparison of Measures
AUTHOR: Noelle Witwer et al


Deborah Lee Price Girls & Women with ABI Task Force Poster Award

Social Determinants of Health and Psychological Distress Among Ontario Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
AUTHOR: Lauren Marcus et al


Excellence in Complementary, Integrative Rehabilitation Medicine Poster Award

Transforming Health and Resiliency through Integration of Values-based Experiences Program: A pilot assessment
AUTHOR: Christine Melillo et al


International Networking Group Poster Award

Using smartphones to disseminate video-based rehabilitation training materials in resource-poor regions in India
 AUTHOR: Sutanuka Bhattacharjya et al


Measurement Networking Group Advancing the Science of Measurement Poster Award

Measuring Quality of Life for Adults with Cochlear Implants
AUTHOR: Theodore McRackan et al


Measurement Networking Group Early Career Poster Award

A Latent Profile Analysis of the NIH Toolbox Motor Battery in Persons With Neurological Disorders
AUTHOR: Rina Fox et al


Measurement Networking Group Measurement in Action Poster Award

Cerebral Palsy Profile of Health and Function: Upper Extremity (UE-CP-PRO) Domain’s Responsiveness Post Surgery
AUTHOR: Namrata Grampurohit et al


Military & Veteran Affairs Networking Group Best Poster Award

Arrest Rates in Veterans and Military Personnel After TBI: A VA TBI Model Systems Study
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Gavin et al


Military & Veteran Affairs Networking Group Early Career Poster Award

Evaluating the Implementation of a Whole Health System Model Within The VA: Front Line Perspectives
AUTHOR: Maisha Standifer et al


Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group Best Poster Award

Test-Retest Reliability of the Hemodynamic Response During Walking in People With Multiple Sclerosis: An fNIRS Study
AUTHOR: Lutz Schega et al


Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group Early Career Poster Award

Validation of Pupillary Response Against EEG during Dual-Tasking Postural Control
AUTHOR: Melike Kahya et al


New Investigator Poster Award in Cancer Rehabilitation

Reliability of Ultrasound Imaging of Pelvic Floor Function in Women who Received Pelvic Radiotherapy
AUTHOR: Stephanie Bernard et al


Pediatric Rehabilitation Networking Group Poster Award

Diagnosing Early Shoulder Subluxation in Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy
AUTHOR: Stephanie Hendrick et al


Physicians & Clinicians Networking Group Poster Award

Can Functional Movement Competence Serve as an Injury Predictor? Using Survival Analysis in Soccer Players
AUTHOR: Sz-Yan Wu et al


Spinal Cord Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (SCI-ISIG) Best Poster

Experiences of Healthcare Providers in Supporting Medication Management for Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury
AUTHOR: Sara Guilcher et al


SCI-SIG Early Career Poster Award

Tools for a Working Life: Engaging Providers in Toolkit Development to Improve Rehabilitation Outcomes
AUTHOR: Bridget Cotner et al


Stroke Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (ISIG) Early Career Poster Award

Adapting strategy training for adults with acquired brain injury (ABI) in Taiwan: a feasibility study
AUTHOR: Feng-Hang Chang et al


Stroke ISIG Newsworthy Poster of the Conference

A Network Analysis of Depressive Symptoms in Persons after Stroke
AUTHOR: Eunyoung Kang et al


Stroke ISIG Outstanding Scientific Poster Award

Active Limb Orthosis for Home Use – Stroke Gait Rehabilitation
AUTHOR: Lauren Rashford et al


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