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Brad Kurowski, MD, MS

ACRM Program Committee Co-Chair, Director, Brain Inj. Rehab Prog. Div. of Phys Med Co-director, (BRAIN) Health, Cincinnati Children's and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

In many ways, virtual conferences can offer a better attendee experience. ACRM already has incredible scientific programming and now this content will be more accessible than ever at the ACRM 97th Annual Conference. No longer limited to those who are able to travel to the U.S. venue, now anyone — from anywhere with an internet connection — will be able to access and participate.

This work — the research, the collaboration — is absolutely critical to the world. 

ACRM is working to make an incredible virtual event with a new high-end platform. You don’t want to miss it.


ACRM President; Executive Director, Office of Chief Medical Officer; Executive Director and Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Co-Director, Division of Informatics, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cedars-Sinai Sr. Director, Quality, Outcomes, and Research, California Rehabilitation Institute

ACRM holds the largest interdisciplinary rehabilitation research event each fall: The ACRM Annual Conference: Progress in Rehabilitation Research.

And now, for the first time in ACRM history, the programming will be accessible from anywhere in the world.  ACRM is working on making a VIRTUAL event that you will not want to miss.

Safe, easy-to-attend, and from the comfort of your own home or office — mark your calendars for 19 – 24 OCTOBER 2020 and register now.

Through this worldwide pandemic…

your intel, your passion, your perspective — YOU are needed here at ACRM — now more than ever. ACRM is working on redefining what a VIRTUAL Conference means with new state-of-the-art technology and new out-of-the-box tactics to bring us together in ways we could not imagine a few months ago.

More connecting, more research, more collaborating & MORE accessible than ever before — all on the new, high-end VIRTUAL platform. ACRM is combining the presenter’s audio and slides, Q&A, networking opportunities, ePosters, and Live event features.

More reasons to *not* miss this event:

  • Hear from, and connect with, *THE* leaders and the most-cited researchers in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Help each other and to help push the rehabilitation field forward.
  • Connect with like-minded rehabilitation pros and research-lovers for the VIRTUAL event of the year
  • Help advance the field & improve lives — including your own.

Access the latest critical research and THE researchers. It’s never been this easy or affordable.

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The venue may have changed, but the expertise and excellent content has not.

I still wouldn’t miss the chance to hear the latest research and to interact with the experts in rehab medicine and research.

Deborah Backus, PT, PhD, FACRM

ACRM Past President, Director, Multiple Sclerosis Research, Shepherd Center, Atlanta, GA

Learning doesn’t stop because we socially isolate.

Gathering virtually with your smartest colleagues is easy now, by attending the ACRM Conference. Not only you get to hear the latest in rehabilitation research — you also get to interact, ask questions, support, and “hang out” with your peers and pals in the next World Iteration (World 2.020).

Cristina L. Sadowsky

Clinical Director, International Center for Spinal Cord Injury, Kennedy Krieger Institute

I came for the practical, evidence-based, highly relevant information, and found collaborators from other disciplines. Now, I attend ACRM Conference to present with my friends.

Susan Lin, ScD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Occupational Therapy Program Director, Marymount University

The ACRM program provides a very comprehensive range of topics that offer innovative and clinically relevant content to meet the learning needs of rehab professionals.

The highly-inclusive nature of the attendees also offers a very collaborative experience.

Marianne H. Mortera, PhD, OTR/L

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Occupational Therapy, NYU Steinhardt

ACRM is the most comprehensive rehabilitation research conference in the world!

Stephanie A. Kolakowsky-Hayner, PhD, CBIST, FACRM

ACRM President-Elect, Associate Professor, Mt. Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

ACRM is composed of a wonderful group of friends and colleagues who are extremely resilient and supportive.

Therefore, the 2020 Conference is going to be bigger, better, brighter, and stronger.

Patricia Heyn, PhD, FGSA, FACRM

University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

I appreciate ACRM’s future-forward mindset in understanding that we may not know what the future of conference travel may bring, but ACRM is ready.

ACRM is still providing a venue for me to share my research findings, exchange knowledge, obtain continuing education credit, and network, given the uncertainties regarding my state’s and employer’s possible travel restrictions, which may change by October 2020.

Sara Benham

Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, Moravian College

ACRM is a dynamic collaboration at the global level with the opportunity to share your research with others regardless of the format.

Mark Kovic

Associate Director & Professor, Midwestern University

It’s easy to become involved in the organization, AND to find a group whose interests match yours, along with the mixture science plus the great networking —

ACRM is unparalleled

Stephen J. Page

Professor, Ohio State University College of Medicine

Comments from attendees…

The ACRM annual conference is the largest, most innovative interdisciplinary meeting in the world.

Rosette Biester, PhD

Neuropsychologist - Polytrauma Program, Corporal Michael Crescenz VA Medical Center

It was a great experience. Congratulations to ACRM.
Denise Cunha

This is the organization for interdisciplinary rehabilitation.
Dr. Ariana Vora

Harvard/Spaulding PM&R

Best conference for interdisciplinary discussions.
Carol Dionne

Very useful learning experience.
Dorene Scolnic

Go  Rehab!
Darlene Stough

Truly interdisciplinary..the real team.
Asha Mathew

Margaret Thompson

This conference is an excellent opportunity to meet & connect with fellow researchers in your discipline. It is also inspiring to be with so many like-minded people in a field that may not be glamorous but is essential to recovery of wellbeing.
Tyler Mitchell

The scope of the offerings and the focus on future technology and treatment approaches are unmatched anywhere.

Gregory T. Smith PhD

Psychologist, CARF surveyor

Something for everyone in Rehabilitation.
A. McEnroe O’Connor, PT, MBA

Very nice conference in the world.
Katarzyna Hojan

The conference was truly engaging and inspiring, and the interprofessional papers on rehabilitation research were of high quality.
Jayanti Ray

If you like interdisciplinary learning about rehabilitation research, then ACRM Conference is THE conference for you!
Susan Lin, ScD, OTR/L, FAOTA, MGH

Institute of Health Professions

Broad spectrum of presenters with a wealth of knowledge in Rehabilitation Medicine.
Grace Fultz

ACRM is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge research in your clinical interest area of rehabilitation.
Edita Dragusin PT, DPT

The ACRM annual conference is an opportunity for education and professional growth at all career levels, to hear cutting-edge research findings from the source and to engage with other professionals, to meet with colleagues and friends and to develop new ties. If you haven’t been before, don’t miss Atlanta!

Bettie Beckworth

This is a tremendous event that facilitates good learning collaboration and networking.
Noelette Matthews

Provided inspiring sessions that encouraged me to consider more research, especially the Researcher who headed up the award-winning poster presentation tour.
Mary Hamilton, MSc (OT), Thesis, BSc (OT), BSc

This is the conference to attend to network with all of the key players in medical rehabilitation.
Marcia Scherer

The place to be to stay abreast of current topics in rehabilitation.
Shannon Swick

It is a unique experience to network and learn from leaders in many different fields from all over the world.
Misti Timpson

Great conference with a lot to offer.
Stephanie Torrens, BSN, RNII, CPN

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

The ACRM 2016 Conference afforded an enjoyable and useful update in a variety of neurorehabilitative topic of value to the practicing physiatrist.

Jeffrey S Hecht MD

Associate Professor & Chief - Division of Surgical Rehabilitation, Department of Surgery, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine

It was great to expand my research areas.
Ickpyo Hong, PhD, OTR/L

University of Texas Medical Branch

The Arts and Neuroscience track is a great way to integrate my background in music, dance, and medicine.  It is a unique field and I’m excited to see it grow.
Carrie McShane, MD

East Carolina University

Perhaps THE most interdisciplinary conference I have ever been to – content of presentations was applicable to a wide variety of rehab professionals and researchers, and the atmosphere was extremely welcoming.  It was easy to network, especially for a first time attendee.
Alexandra Terril

Rehab is made by a multitude of feeds of knowledge which the finality is re integrate individuals in the society.
Sam Schinazi

Thank YOU! I enjoyed the conference and did meet new people, who also are enthusiastic for rehabilitation! That is very good!!
Päivi Tupala

ACRM conference provides wonderful opportunities to connect with other researchers, especially for early career attendees. I have made valuable contacts through the conference.
Alison Cogan, PhD (cand.), OTR/L

University of Southern California

ACRM is an excellent venue for rehabilitation professionals to gather and learn about the latest developments.
Evelyn Quinones, MSN, RN

Extremely high quality speakers and sessions. Presenters who are passionate about the research and clinical work in which they are engaged. I enjoyed learning from others who are excited about the work in which they are exploring.
Rebecca D. Eberle, MA, CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS

Clinical Professor, Indiana University

It is a great place to come together with colleagues and friends in both science and clinical practice from around the world.
Gordon Horn, PhD

ACRM is a venue for numerous rehabilitation perspectives and provides networking and educational value for a variety of rehabilitation professionals.
Lisbeth Nilsson, PhD

OT Reg. & Specialist, Lund University, Sweden

This conference provides unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary practice and networking.
Mary Fisher

Well-attended meeting with many educational options to choose from.
Samuel Bierner, MD

University of Nebraska Medical Center

The ACRM conference was an excellent learning opportunity for me as a current graduate student. It has inspired me to continue working towards the much needed interdisciplinary, evidence-based, and innovative research. I look forward to attending again in the future!

Jackie Einerson, BS

3rd year MOT student, University of Utah

Best place to get latest research in rehabilitation under one roof.
Padmaja Eluri

Amazing, Curious, Rehab, Movement.
Pamela Quinn, PD

Movement Therapist

This meeting afforded so much interdisciplinary interaction and discussion of clinical and research issues of interest to all of us.
Stacie Raymer, PhD, CCC-SLP

Old Dominion University

I had a great time with good content and excellent colleagues.
Erwin van Wegen

ACRM, Motivation and training, 100% recommendable!
Rosa Martin Mourelle

CHU A Coruña

The access to the many experts in the field of Brain Injury was amazing; I learned something from each presentation I attended. I also received validation that the evidence-based treatment protocols I use in therapy are the appropriate way to treat my clients.

Beth Helton, MA/CCC-SLP, CBIS

Speech Pathologist, Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana-Neuro Rehab Center

One of the best multidisciplinary Rehabilitation conferences I have attended!
Andrew M. Cole, MBBS, FAFRM

Chief Medical Officer, HammondCare

I’d like to thank you all for putting on a great conference with exceptional attendees.
Brian Satran, MBA

Thank you!
Reza Ehsanian

Thank you for letting me to be the Presenter of Instructional Course.
Felix Laevsky

Biofeedback Therapist, RIC

A unique interdisciplinary conference providing research and clinical information in an extraordinary collegial setting.
J. Preston Harley, PhD, FACRM

Neuropsychologist, Advocate Christ Medical Center

As a student, the PIRR conference was a great opportunity to meet fellow students, professors, and learn about the array of research currently out there.

Jessica Bauza

Having the multidisciplinary and multi-stream crossovers offered an excellent conference experience.
Deidre Sperry, Speech Language Pathologist

As an early career educator and researcher, the most valuable part of this conference is the ability to join ISIG’s and collaborate with colleagues from multiple disciplines. I was fortunate enough have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines, other areas of practice, and other parts of the country to come together to present on a common topic and to learn from each other. Aside from the valuable topics, presentations from leaders in the field, and the networking opportunities, the ability to collaborate in ISIG’s is one of the most valuable experiences about this organization. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of it.
Shannon L. Scott OTD, OTR/L

SUNY Stony Brook

Love the ongoing innovation when planning the conference; there is always something new, fresh and exciting going on here.
Cristina Sadowsky MD

Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

The only truly interdisciplinary conference that researchers and practitioners gain equal value.
David Krych

This is an incredible opportunity to link internationally, you hear and meet the trailblazers in their field of rehabilitation and you leave up to date with the latest research.
Barbara O’Connell, MBA, DipCOT


A great conference with a large range of valuable information. Thank you ACRM!
Bethany Woodyatt, Occupational Therapy Student

Rush University

ACRM is the only conference that brings together rehabilitation engineers, clinicians, federal funders, researchers, and policymakers under one roof. It is one of the most friendly conferences and provides early career researchers a ton of opportunities to network and at the same time collaborate with experts in the field. I look forward to attending this conference each year.

Shilpa Krishnan, PT, PhD

University of Texas Medical Branch

ACRM was a great conference with impeccable knowledge and opportunities for networking.
Ian Burkhart

An excellent venue to present and learn future perspective of Rehabilitation. A rainbow of Rehab team members
Sami Ullah, FCPS (PM&R)

Department of PM&R, Rehabilitation Hospital

ACRM provides doctoral students and young investigators with the opportunity to meet leaders in the field, receive feedback on their work, and gain knowledge in their specific area of interest.
Heather Peters

This is a great interdisciplinary conference that embraces the essence of excellent rehabilitation care!
Joel Scholten

Your Colleagues Will Tell You…

ACRM is a wonderful organization because it’s one of the few where you bring together providers and researchers in the world of rehabilitation…where they can exchange ideas, collaborate, problem-solve, and really take a look at what’s important for the person who is receiving services.
Chris MacDonell, FACRM

CARF International

This was the most organized, comprehensive, inclusive, and embracing conference that I have ever attended. I definitely plan on attending more in the future and getting involved in the ISIGs and letting others know that THIS is the conference to attend.
Shannon L. Scott, OTD, OTR/L

Stony Brook University

This conference exceeded my expectation. As both a clinician and a researcher, I gained valuable knowledge that will change both aspects of my practice.
Casey Kandilakis, PT, DPT, NCS

Physical Therapist, Shepherd Center

ACRM membership allows one to really engage in clinical science and team science building. It’s the way research is going in the future, and ACRM really fosters that from all different disability perspectives.
Stephanie A. Kolakowsky-Hayner, PhD, CBIST, FACRM

Chief Operating Officer, Brain Trauma Foundation

Cutting edge research, education, and horizon scanning by the world leaders in rehabilitation in one conference: simply the best!

Mohammed Sakel, FRCP, MD

Director/Consultant, East Kent University Hospital

ACRM helps you keep up on the latest research in order to provide quality care to your patients.
Cindy Shepherd, MA, CCC-SLP, CBIS

Speech-Language Pathologist, Lutheran Hospital of Indiana

ACRM puts pain rehab on the map.

As a post-doctoral ARRT fellow, I received great tips on grant writing during the Early Career pre-conference training.
N. Erkut Kucukboyaci, PhD

Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation

This conference brings together experts in a wide variety of disciplines all related to better understanding neuromodulation and its relevance to rehabilitation.
Joelle Mast, PhD, MD, CMO

ACRM is one of the best networking opportunities available to professionals in the field of rehabilitation. While it is attended by some of the most renowned researchers in the field, the environment is welcoming and friendly to all attendees and members, new and old. It is clear there is a common goal to move rehabilitation forward.

Dickson, PhD, ABPP

Neuropsychologist, Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

How does ACRM help Early Career Rehab Professionals?
Stephanie Kolakowsky-Hayner, PhD, CBIST

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

You can’t beat the value of the ACRM conference. The inter-disciplinary program is relevant to your whole team, and the content is cutting-edge. Whether your specialty is stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or neuro-degenerative diseases, ACRM is presenting the evidence you need.
Chris MacDonell, FACRM

CARF International

I enjoyed the combination of clinically and scientifically oriented contributions and the interdisciplinary nature of the conference.

GM Ribbers, MD, PhD

Rotterdam Neurorehabilitation Research

I chose to present a poster at the 2012 ACRM Annual Conference because competing for and receiving this kind of recognition can be an important part of successful career development. Winning the Outstanding Scientific Poster Award was a great honor; and I encourage participation in this event by other students and early career scientists who, like me, strive for excellence in rehabilitation research.
2012 Outstanding Scientific Poster Winner, Kenneth C. Chelette, MS

Biomedical Engineer, University of Kentucky

Great conference, lots of take-away information to help improve practice in BI.
Calvin Haws, Service Manager (BScOT)

ACRM’s annual meeting provides an unprecedented opportunity to remain current on rehabilitation research advances and to meet authors, reviewers and editors of Archives.
Allen W. Heinemann, PhD, ABPP, FACRM

Co-Editor-in-Chief, Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

ACRM’s commitment to early career rehabilitation scientists and practitioners is unparalleled, not only in rehabilitation but across most professional organizations.

I have had an amazing experience as a participant in this conference. Thanks for everything!

Diana Krasteva

Physiotherapist, Lion’s Gate Hospital

Inspiring conference also for people from abroad! Excellent program, welcoming and inclusive culture, great interdisciplinary combination of clinical and research work.
Frank Becker, MD, PhD

Clinical Medical Director, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital

ACRM Annual Conference is a unique opportunity to exchange research and education on key rehabilitation topics with world-wide interdisciplinary providers.
Rebecca T. Armendariz, MD

Palliative Medicine Physician, Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

For individuals involved in rehabilitation research, I think this is the best possible meeting to attend in terms of educational content and networking with others involved in rehabilitation research.
Cindy Harrison-Felix, PhD, FACRM

Director of Research, Craig Hospital

How does ACRM help internationally?
Fofi Constantinidou, PhD, CCC-SLP, FACRM

Center for Applied Neuroscience, University of Cyprus

With a collegial harmonious atmosphere, rare in mega-medical conferences, ACRM functions as powerful “glue” that joins together professionals from all specialty areas and disciplines for intellectual exchange and improved rehabilitative outcomes.
Sue Ann Sisto, PT, MA, PhD, FACRM

Stony Brook University School of Health Technology and Management

The ACRM Annual Conference has grown to become the world’s largest interdisciplinary conference in the field of rehabilitation research, and as a result, the peer-to-peer networking is second to none.
Gary Ulicny, PhD, FACRM

Shepherd Center

As a clinician in the field for less than three years, this event opened my eyes to the research being done to advance the field and gave me a deeper understanding of where we come from in terms of becoming evidence-based in rehab. I appreciated the early career focus as well as the continued focus on interdisciplinary work.
Christina Lighthill, MOT, OTR

ACRM Conference is well attended by leaders from all over the field in every discipline.
Stephanie A. Kolakowsky-Hayner, PhD, CBIST, FACRM

Chief Operating Officer, Brain Trauma Foundation

Attending ACRM’s annual meeting provides the opportunity to forge and extend key relationships, which can then be maintained and developed through the rest of the year in our increasingly connected and online international rehabilitation community.

Duncan Babbage, PhD

Auckland University of Technology, Centre for Person Centered Research

ACRM is one of the rare places I was able to find sessions on Pediatric Rehabilitation. The presenters in the field were well prepared and very open to sharing information for the best of patient outcomes. Thanks ACRM and Presenters!
Scott A. Brown, CTRS, CBIS

Director of Business Development/Community Educator, Trustpoint Hospital Lubbock

The ACRM Annual Conference offers something for everybody in the rehabilitation field: latest in clinical approaches, state of the art research, wonderful inter-disciplinary environment, and best networking opportunities.
Cristina Sadowsky, MD

Director, Paralysis Restoration Clinic, Kennedy Krieger Institute

ACRM is the only place where I can get cutting-edge research and see all my friends—not only from around the country but around the world. ACRM is the best place to get new information and to network, network, NETWORK!
Tessa Hart, PhD, FACRM

Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute

Why do you attend the ACRM Annual Conference?
Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, PhD

University of Regina

ACRM’s commitment to early career rehabilitation scientists and practitioners is unparalleled, not only in rehabilitation but across most professional organizations.
2012 ACRM Annual Conference Attendee

ACRM consistently provides translational research information that is timely and clinically relevant to the everyday practice of Brain Injury Medicine. Providing this in a format that fosters interdisciplinary dialogue adds icing to this cake!
Gregory O’Shanick, MD

Medical Director Emeritus, Brain Injury Association of America

Attending the ACRM meeting has been a great experience on many levels.
Mar Cortes, MD

Clinical Research, Burke Medical Research Institute

I have attended this conference for many years. It is a significant opportunity for professional collaboration and for adding to the knowledge base of the field.
Thomas Felicetti, PhD

Beechwood Rehabilitation Services

The conference provided a rich environment for interprofessional education that is needed for collaborative clinical practice and research! A must attend conference for all team members.
Genevieve Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD

Participating in the “Early Career” workshop at the ACRM annual conference connected me with unique mentoring opportunities in various disciplines of rehabilitation, which have continued to promote my development as a clinician and scientist.
Saurabha Bhatnagar, MD

Innovation Officer & Medical Director of TBI/Polytrauma, Harvard Medical School

The strength of ACRM is in its diversity and multidisciplinary approach, as well as a wide range of areas of interests it caters to. This opens up several avenues for possible developments and combined projects. Facilitation international collaboration has been a hot topic this year, which promises growth in future.
Arshia Q. Ahmad, MD, MRCP (UK), MSc

Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

For every clinician who wants to be in the forefront of research and practice this is the place to be! The topics are unparalleled and if we want to be knowledgeable, and get involved, this is the conference to attend.

What does ACRM mean to YOU?
James Malec, PhD, FACRM

Indiana University School of Medicine/Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

ACRM is a home where I can combine clinical interests with my research and interact with people who are making decisions about rehab research.
Deborah Backus, PT, PhD, FACRM

Director of Multiple Sclerosis Research, Shepherd Center

ACRM is a great conference to come to especially as a young researcher…it’s a fantastic way for researchers and clinicians to come together to share their research and experiences.
Julia Totosy de Zepetnek, PhD

University of Regina

ACRM is a great organization for early career professionals to advance their career with limitless networking opportunities.
Monique R. Pappadis, MEd, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch

The breadth and depth of presentation and the opportunity to interact with rehab professionals from abroad make this conference a unique opportunity.
Larry Cervelli, OT, FACRM


ACRM 98th Annual Conference | Progress in Rehabilitation Research | VIRTUAL & IN-PERSON: DALLAS

CORE: 24 – 26 SEPT 2021 // PRE-CONFERENCE: 26 – 29 SEPT 2021

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* Although significant changes are not anticipated, the schedules, sessions, and presenters are subject to change.


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