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For the ACRM 2020 Annual Conference in Atlanta & Around the World


In this uncertain time, we are firmly committed to providing our presenters the options they need to share their work despite present challenges.  To that end, we are making our Very Best Efforts to offer both an In-Person and a Virtual option to this year’s conference. This is ACRM’s most exciting meeting yet, with more features and options than ever before!


You have the following 3 options to present and record your content:

  1. You will have the option to pre-record your presentation from anywhere in the world via screen-sharing software. This applies to everyone including paper, poster, instructional course, symposia, special symposia and/or plenary, and will be available to all registered participants through 30 June 2021.
  2. You will also have the option to give your presentation Live and In-Person in Atlanta on the day/time of your scheduled session. For this option, your presentation will be recorded onsite and then uploaded as soon as possible for others to view until 30 June 2021. Of note, all presenters must be present in Atlanta in order to accommodate this option. Alternatively, we recommend pre-recording if speakers are going to be in multiple locations. And presenters who choose the option to be recorded in real-time, in their scheduled slot, are encouraged to pre-record their sessions for maximum quality and to serve as a backup in case of technical issues.
  3. If you absolutely need to record your session post-conference we can accommodate this by scheduling a screen sharing session at your convenience and then uploaded as soon as possible for others to view until 30 June 2021. To preserve the conference experience, we discourage this option.

We hope the below questions and answers will help you better understand how this year’s meeting is envisioned. Planning is still in process and you may have other questions not addressed below. Please let us know what we are missing by contacting Cindy Robinson at and thank you in advance for your patience.


As a Presenter we kindly ask you to take the following steps as soon as you are able to record your session:

  1. Schedule time with ACRM staff so that ACRM can record your session before the annual conference. Are you ready to present now? Please email Cindy Robinson at
  2. Upload your presentation slides in the Presenter Portal before recording.
  3. ACRM will launch a screen sharing session, you will give your presentation along with your co-presenters, ACRM will record the session, and then upload your recorded session along with any other audio (MP3), video (MP4), and/or PDF files.
  4. Alternatively, if you want to record your presentation on your own institution’s screen-sharing software (Zoom, GoToMeeting, or equivalent) and provide ACRM with an MP4 file, that will work too!
  5. Your recorded session will be launched during your scheduled presentation date and time.

Q: What is the deadline for uploading and pre-recording my content?
A: So that ACRM can ensure you are fully represented at the conference, please upload and pre-record your content by 14 September 2020.

Q: When can I schedule and begin to pre-record my Paper, Poster, Instructional Course, Symposia, Special Symposia and/or Plenary session?
A: We will begin scheduling and pre-recording the week of 15 June 2020. We also understand that some presentations may not be completed in June, and so we will work with presenters throughout the summer and early fall to record your content at a time convenient for you.  Recording session scheduling details are being arranged presently.  Stay tuned for further information.

Please see the CONTENT UPLOAD AND RECORDING section below for additional information.

Q: If we record on our own, what file format can ACRM accommodate?
A: ACRM would need to receive your presentation in an video (MP4) file.

Q: Can we provide ACRM with an open access link to our presentation on Vimeo or YouTube instead?
A: Yes.  Although we would prefer to have an audio (MP3) or video (MP4) file to avoid commercial interference with your presentation that might be present on a platform such as YouTube.


Q: Is ACRM planning to host BOTH the in-person Annual Conference in Atlanta AND a virtual conference this year?
A: Yes!  To the very best of our ability, we plan to make all conference content accessible both IN-PERSON and through a new, VIRTUAL-ONLY option. It is possible that changes in government regulations could create a need to cancel the in-person conference.  If that occurs, we will be fully prepared for a virtual-only meeting. All of the recorded content will be available virtually through 30 June 2021.

Q: How many CMEs/CEUs can I earn at this year’s ACRM Conference?
A: Potentially hundreds of hours! You will be able to earn all of the CME/CEU hours that are offered for the length of your registration. For example if you register for one day and there are 300 hours of education offered on that day, you will be able to earn as many hours as you are able to view either in person or virtually from the start of the conference until 30 June 2021. The more you watch, the more you earn. 

Q: How long will the recorded content be available virtually?
A: Until 30 June 2021.  Whether you purchase the IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL-ONLY conference registration option, you will receive access through 30 June 2021 to all recorded content scheduled on the days for which you are registered.  So, if you purchase a one-day pass, you will be able to view any and all content that was recorded on that day; if you purchase the WORLD PASS, you will have access to all content.

Q: Will all of my favorite sessions, typically scheduled at the Annual Conference, also be offered virtually?
A: Yes!  We are making our very best efforts to pre-record, livestream, and/or screen share the following content: Instructional Courses, Cognitive Rehabilitation Training, Early Career Development Course, Plenaries, Special symposia, Featured sessions, Award lectures, Symposia, Papers, Posters, Intensive Cross-Cutting Programs, Lecture Luncheons, Henry B. Betts Awards Gala, Receptions/First-time attendee welcome, Community Group meetings, Chat with the Experts, Learning Center, and LaunchPad.


Q: What additional safety measures will Hilton be implementing at the in-person conference in Atlanta?
A: Hilton has launched several new initiatives setting a new industry-defining standard of cleanliness and disinfection including the following:

  1. A new CleanStayProgram which is further explained here 
  2. EventReady (Coming soon)
  3. Interview with Hilton on new CleanStay Program

Q: What is the cancellation policy for reservations at the Atlanta Hilton?
A: You may continue to book your hotel room nights at no cost and cancel your room reservation up to 72 hours in advance without penalty. And, per usual, government room nights are limited, so booking early is still advised.



Q: What additional safety measures will airlines be implementing to minimize risk to travelers?
A: Please reference the CDC Guidelines on travel in the United States here

Airlines are implementing a variety of measures to enhance air travel safety. We recommend visiting your air carriers’ website for further information:







Q: If the IN-PERSON conference is cancelled, what happens to my registration?
A: In the event of cancellation, all IN-PERSON registrations will be automatically converted to the VIRTUAL-ONLY option and a credit will be provided for the difference in registration fees. Please look at the In-Person Event Terms and Conditions here

Q: What if I register for the Virtual Only Option and then decide to cancel?
A: In the event you register for the VIRTUAL-ONLY option and then want to cancel, before the conference, you will have several options:

  1. You may obtain a refund, less a transaction fee;
  2. Transfer your registration to another event, less a transaction fee; or
  3. You may receive 100% credit towards any other ACRM offering, such a membership, future conferences, trainings or promotional activities.
  4. Please look at the Virtual-Only Event Terms and Conditions here

Q: How is registration being handled if I register now but then later learn I am not able to attend in-person?
A: You may TOGGLE between IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL-ONLY, without penalty.  The TOGGLE option simply means you can change your registration type from In-Person to Virtual-Only and back with no penalty. In order to do this you may contact to request your change. You will receive a credit on your account for the difference in registration. Similarly, if you register for the VIRTUAL-ONLY option and later want to upgrade to the IN-PERSON option, you would simply contact to toggle your registration and pay the difference in rates.

Q: Does the TOGGLE option work for Institutional Members?
A:  Yes.  Please just email and we will work with you and your institution to either establish a net credit for future use or an invoice for the TOGGLE Balance.


Q: If I plan to present virtually, what registration should I select?
A: If you are unable to attend the conference in-person, you will register for the VIRTUAL-ONLY option and select the days you wish to participate.

Q: Can I register for the VIRTUAL-ONLY conference today? 
A: Yes! Registration is open. Click here to REGISTER NOW

Q: If I register for the in-person option, will I also have access to the virtual content over the same time period?
A: Yes! Your in-person registration mirrors your virtual access. For example, if you register for a one day pass you will be able to attend whatever you wish to attend on that day and you will also be able to view any of the virtual content also offered for that day.

Q: If I register for the IN-PERSON option and later choose not to attend, what are my options?
A: You can TOGGLE your registration to the VIRTUAL-ONLY option and receive a credit for the difference.  No Problem!

Q: Will Early Bird Registration Rates be extended?
A: Yes!  Early Bird registration has already been extended through 30 June.  However, there will be no other extensions beyond this deadline, so we encourage you to register soon, if you want the lowest possible rate.

Q: Is the VIRTUAL-ONLY registration option less expensive than the IN-PERSON option?
A: Yes! Please visit the Registration webpage to compare rates. 

Q: Will all presenters be required to register for the conference?
A: Yes. All presenters are required to register for the conference by choosing either the IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL-ONLY option for the number of days they wish to participate.

Q: Will presenters continue to receive a discount code?
A: Yes. Please reference any Presenter communication sent from to retrieve your discount code.

Q: What are the benefits to being an ACRM Presenter?
A: Please have a look here:  Click here for presenter benefits

Q: Is it possible to record my session before registering for the conference?
A: Yes! Please record your session as soon as possible and please remember the early bird deadline expires 30 June.


Q:  How do I upload my presentation?
A: Log into the Presenter Portal or Poster Portal using the access key you used to upload your submission. Click on the “Upload Presentation” task and an upload feature will appear. You can upload in PDF or PPT format.

Q: When will you need the slides for my presentation?
A: We would prefer to receive your slides as soon as possible, but no later than 14 September.

Q: Will we be able to upload audio (MP3) and video (MP4) recordings as part of our presentation?
A: Yes. The ACRM platform allows for multiple files to be uploaded including PowerPoint, PDF,  audio (MP3) and video (MP4) files. So, if your presentation includes multiple files, we will be able to upload all of that content, combined with your pre-recorded session.  And, of course, if you are presenting in person, you will be able to play audio and video via a computer and onto a screen, just the same as previous conferences. 

Q: How will recording be done when there are multiple presenters?
A: Pre-recording will be accomplished virtually, much like you might conduct a screen-sharing call with multiple participants. We will work with you to coordinate in advance with your co-presenters. Then, when it is time, you will ALL join the same platform and present in turn while being recorded. Staff will provide all the information and support you need to confidently present your work.

Q: When I record my presentation, does it have to be perfect the first time? Can I record more than one take?
A: Yes, of course!  You may have as many takes as you need to get it just the way you want it.

Q: Will we be able to present slides that contain copyrighted information and/or patient information that is de-identified?
A:  Yes!  So long as you have secured the proper permissions and releases, you will be able to present IN-PERSON and/or VIRTUALLY as you would normally present at a conference.

Q: I am a symposium presenter and plan to present virtually; should I still prepare my presentation?
A: Yes!  We are launching a new VIRTUAL meeting. As a speaker you are still required to prepare a presentation for your session whether you plan to present in-person or only virtually.

Q: When I pre-record my session, may I invite others to serve as an audience, ask questions and offer reactions, such as laughter and acclimation?
A: Yes!  We strongly encourage you to invite your colleagues to provide an audience.  And, NO, they do not need to pay or register in order to join your recording session.  And YES, it is completely fine to provide your audience with prepared questions in advance.  It’s as easy as that! Please stay tuned for scheduling details coming soon.

Q: Can I still submit a paper or poster presentation for late-breaking research (including COVID-19 research) to the 2020 Conference?
A: Yes. Submissions for Late-breaking research are now being accepted here. COVID-19 research proposals are especially encouraged. The abstracts of all accepted papers and posters are eligible for publication in the Archives of PM&R.

Q: What do I need to know about presenting a paper or poster virtually?
A: It’s easy! We will ask you to schedule an online screen sharing call, where you will give your presentation.  Staff will manage recording your presentation and then upload it into the virtual presentation system. Contact to get started.

Q: I was scheduled to present at another conference that has been completely cancelled. Can I bring my proposal to you?
A: Yes!  If you were scheduled to present at another conference, and plans fell through because of the pandemic, please contact us and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

Q: Will 4-hour and 8-hour Pre-Conference Instructional Courses be recorded?
A: Yes. Instructional Courses are a popular and important part of the annual conference and we plan to record them along with the rest of the program. If you have specific needs or concerns about adjusting your presentation to a recorded format, please contact Maegan Criscione, Senior Program Manager, at We will do all we can to address your unique situation. Alternatively, if you want to record your presentation on your own institution’s screen-sharing software (Zoom, GoToMeeting, or equivalent) and provide ACRM with an audio (MP3) or video (MP4) file, that will work too!

Q: How will breakout sessions within an Instructional Course be handled in live virtual sessions?
A: Breakout (small group) sessions will be managed in just the same way as screen-sharing calls are managed.  Imagine a group breaking out into several different Zoom screen-sharing calls and then those calls being recorded. It’s as simple as that.


Q: Will poster presenters be required to record a session?
A: Yes!  For the first time ever, Poster Presenters will be offered a 30-minute pre-recording session, via a screen sharing call. This 30-minute session will include time for Q&A, if desired, and the entire recorded session will be uploaded along with your poster. Picture yourself standing by your poster on-site and describing your work to an attendee. Here is your chance to go into depth and really describe your project TO THE WORLD!

Q: How will attendees be able to view my poster virtually?
A: Through our online program attendees will be able to:

  • Play the presenter recording of the poster
  • Bookmark favorites (bookmarked posters are loaded into a “My Gallery” section for attendees)
  • Take Notes on posters
  • Easily scroll through multiple posters by use of arrows (just hit the arrow and scroll to the next)
  • Zoom in/out on posters
  • Presenters can include QR code on in-person poster that brings attendees right to their digital version
  • Presenters can upload supporting documents that attendees can view with their poster

Q:  How do I upload my presentation?
A: Log into the Poster Portal using the access key you used to upload your submission. Click on the “Upload Presentation” task and an upload feature will appear. You can upload in PDF or PPT format.

Q: Can I have an extension for uploading my poster presentation?
A: Maybe.  Please contact Maegan Criscione at to request an extension and we will certainly accommodate you if we can.

Q: Can I make changes to my presentation after it has been uploaded?
A: Yes! Minor changes can be made until 14 September.


Q: If one of my presenters is unable to attend the conference. Can I invite a knowledgeable substitute presenter?
A: Yes, ACRM will be happy to make presenter substitutions. Contact Cindy Robinson at with the name, credentials (degrees), email address and role of the substitute (presenter, moderator, panelist) you wish to add to the presentation.

Q: I logged into the Presenter Portal, but I cannot make changes to the body of my abstract. Am I permitted to make minor changes?
A: Yes. Please contact Cindy Robinson at for assistance.

Q: I logged into the Presenter Portal, but I don’t see my posters listed with my other presentations. Where are they?
A: ACRM uses two separate portals to manage presentations. The Presenter Portal is where you manage your symposia, instructional course and/or paper presentations. The Poster Portal is where you manage your posters. Your personal login credentials are the same for both portals. If you lost your password/access key and need assistance, please contact Cindy Robinson at


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* For the latest programming info, schedule, session and faculty details, and room locations, please see the Searchable Online Program & Scheduler and/or the ACRM App.  Although significant changes are not anticipated, the schedules, sessions, and presenters are subject to change.


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