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Christine MacDonell
Managing Director, Medical Rehabilitation and International Aging Services/Medical Rehabilitation Accreditation
CARF International



The focus will be an exploration internationally on how do rehabilitation providers and the research community use a person centered approach, an ICF framework, and consider where persons served are born, grow, live , work and age to create an individualized plan that will allow the persons served to participate in their community of choice in a meaningful manner. How good of a job do we do on attending to population health issues as well as the social and economic factors of discharge communities? The rehabilitation process is impacted by the recognition, appreciation, or demand to be culturally sensitive to create a durable and sustainable result. The world of individuals we serve is vast and varied with many unique personal and societal characteristics. The resilience and common sense of individuals in some cases creates the rehabilitation success versus the actual delivery of a formalized rehabilitation program. It is our responsibility to advocate and be good citizens of our communities which includes becoming aware of the social determinants that our persons served face. Through actual stories of persons served and personal observation we hope to create an environment where the audience will listen, begin to explore and examine their own knowledge base of the community of individuals they serve and how participation is impacted when there is little awareness of sensitivity to where the people we have been born, grow. live, work, play and age. Let us open our eyes like Dr. Stanley Coulter did 100 years ago to the need for rehabilitation to assist individuals return to life.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify why social determinants are critical to rehabilitation success.
  • Determine how their person centered practices could be enhanced
  • Identify methods to be more aware of their communities they serve and their needs that they may advocate for.


About Ms. MacDonell

Chris began her varied career in the health care industry as an occupational therapist after graduating from the University of Southern California. While still in California, she became an administrator of a full continuum of care. Chris came to CARF in 1991. She has served as the Managing Director of Medical Rehabilitation and Aging Services during her time with CARF. Chris is a Fellow of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Chris has represented CARF International at international, national, regional and local meetings to promote and interpret standards and the use of accreditation as a quality business and clinical strategy throughout the continuum of care. She is part of the medical rehabilitation team responsible for the training of CARF surveyors and also the development and revision of CARF standards.


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