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Elizabeth Skidmore“Through my involvement in ACRM and the Stroke ISIG, I have had expanded opportunities for new national and international interprofessional collaborations in rehabilitation research, training and practice.”

—Elizabeth Skidmore
Stroke ISIG Executive Committee Member-at-Large
Stroke ISIG member since 2008

Stephen Page“The Stroke ISIG gives me wonderful opportunities to interact with professionals who are passionate about stroke, and to collaborate with them on products that tangibly advance the field, and care for stroke survivors. While the annual conference is an outstanding networking and education opportunity, I learn a great deal about intervention, assessment, and legislation from my colleagues throughout the year through the various meetings and networking opportunities available through the ISIG.”

—Steve Page
Stroke ISIG Chair
ACRM member since 1999

Michael Fraas“Being a member of the Stroke ISIG provides a wonderful opportunity to engage and collaborate with clinicians and researchers from a variety of disciplines. It affords members the ability to make meaningful interdisciplinary contributions to the field of stroke rehabilitation.”

—Michael Fraas
Cognitive Motor Interference Workgroup Co-Chair
Stroke ISIG member since 2010

Kathy Kniepmann“Stroke ISIG provides opportunities to share and build ideas with other professionals from a wide range of settings. I’m an Occupational Therapist and a Certified Health Education Specialist who is very concerned about the well-being of family after someone has a stroke. I’m learning more about their needs and developing resources to enhance their quality of life. Through the Living Life after Young Stroke Task Force, I get inspiration, encouragement and support from very talented and dedicated experts who share passion and knowledge.”

—Kathy Kniepmann
Living Life after Young Stroke Task Force Co-Chair
Stroke ISIG member since 2012