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Gary Viles, Wandercraft Vice President of Sales and Commercial Operations for the Americas

Exhibitor Stories — Highlights from ACRM exhibitor

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The ACRM EXPO provides a vital platform for engaging with PM&R professionals

A booth at ACRM is the perfect place for Wandercraft to showcase the effectiveness of their Atalante X — providing a safe, engaging, and motivating gait and rehab protocol and they gain valuable insights into clinical needs.

Coming here is going to help so many people if they come to this expo. I did not know the amount of new, crazy, Innovative technology that I was going to find. Our device is a shock light device. It’s actually ESWT Extra Corp Real Shock Light Therapy. And what our device is good for is for increasing blood supply, decreasing insulation or modulating insulation.

This technology fools the body into thinking it’s been injured and stimulate a biologic response. So we do the exact same thing that happens. The recovery process team, natural healing process. Within my first few treatments alone, I noticed an improved range of motion. My circulation was even better.

I could tell that my scar tissue had been going away as well. My pain and my neck and in my shoulders especially. I knew it from the moment that I started being treated, that I had to spread the word of soft wave and that I can get these people having a better, more functionable or just a more simple or happier life all around.

“I want to thank the ACRM team…”

“Coming to the ACRM EXPO can help so many people”


ACRM 365 Sales Team

Our technology, the Atalante X provides a clinical solution for complex patients that are in need of a safe, engaging, motivating, and effective gait and rehab protocol.

This technology is self-balancing hands-free, offers directional gate, sideways, backwards, forwards, and also allows the patient to crouch and be in an active balance mode so that we can engage that patient very creatively.

As part of a treatment protocol and impact the clinical outcome of that patient in many different ways, physiologically, psychologically, and from a musculoskeletal and neuroplastic standpoint, we prefer to reach our audience directly and the ACRM EXPO allows us to do that.

We feel that when clinicians see patients in this device or they get in the device themselves, they quickly realize the true capability and potential of this technology because not only are we providing a clinical solution that’s effective for the patient, it’s a very easy to use technology for clinicians because it reduces the physical burden on the clinician and it also enhances the productivity of the treatment for their patients in regards to step dosage and overall productivity.

…we prefer to reach our audience directly and the ACRM EXPO allows us to do that

ACRM 365 Sales Team — reaching millions in rehab

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