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We’ve cleaned up and returned home after this year’s conference, and though we’re exhausted, we can’t believe how well it went! There are, of course, things to tweak for next year, and we’re already brainstorming what to plan next. Putting on the annual conference is a lot of work, but we can’t imagine doing anything else! 

We’re incredibly grateful for everyone who made the trip to Chicago. To all the presenters and educators, thank you! To all the attendees, new and old, thank you! To those who organized community meetings and events, thank you! 

And we’re grateful also to the city of Chicago for hosting us. It wouldn’t be possible to put on an event of this size without cooperation from the conference center, nearby hotels, restaurants and local business owners, taxi drivers, public transportation, and more. 

We sincerely hope that you had a positive conference experience and that you take what you’ve learned here back home. The impact of this conference goes way beyond what we can see as organizers, and we love hearing from our members about how they’re using what they’ve learned at conference and incorporating it into their daily lives. After all, our goal is to bring research to clinical practice.

If you want to keep the energy from ACRM Conference going all year long, consider joining one of our interdisciplinary communities. Along with the annual conference, these interdisciplinary community groups advance our mission. These groups are formed of dedicated volunteers and provide a unique community where like-minded, specialized healthcare and rehabilitation research colleagues can network and collaborate with one another independently. Each group pursues their own choice of projects.

Join us next year in Atlanta!

Until then, stay in the loop with what’s going on by following our Facebook page, and exploring out our YouTube channel.

ACRM – American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine

The mission of our non-profit is to improve the lives of disabled people through rehabilitation medicine and research. We work with hospitals, universities, professional and advocacy organizations, and rehabilitation professionals around the world. We have 3,000+ members from more than 65 countries and produce the ACRM Journal. 

We’re always happy to have more members join our professional community! Learn about the benefits of joining ACRM as well as member dues and membership application. The ACRM conference is another great way to network with colleagues and keep up with the latest trends in rehabilitation research and rehabilitation medicine.