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Now that the ACRM 2019 conference has passed, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead and planning for the ACRM 2020 conference! Located in Atlanta, our 2020 pre-conference is scheduled for Monday, October 19th through Wednesday, October 21st; and the core conference is scheduled for Thursday, October 22nd through Saturday, October 24th. The whole week will be full of instructional courses, educational sessions, receptions, ACRM community group meetings, speakers, award presentations, and much more.

What to Expect from ACRM (American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine)

Whether you’re new to ACRM and just exploring what we’re about, or if you have been a member for years, you can look forward to an exciting, educational, and nurturing community of medical and research professionals. ACRM is excited and passionate about helping early-career professionals and rehabilitation researchers get the resources they need in order to improve the lives of people with disabilities or who are going through rehabilitation. We strive to promote the latest research in various fields, including brain injuries, strokes, geriatric rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries, and more.

By supporting young research and medical professionals, we can ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care using the latest techniques and technology. We proudly represent physicians, clinicians, nurses, counselors, administrators, biomedical engineers, and many others with the sole purpose of increasing the standard of care for anyone who has suffered an injury and is facing rehabilitation. With international members from more than 65 countries and a global network of hospitals, universities, and rehabilitation research professionals, ACRM looks forward to creating a collaborative and passionate community.

ACRM Conferences

ACRM has been providing support and educational resources since 1923. Throughout our history, we have held conferences to bring people together and share our experiences, research, and celebrate our successes. The upcoming 97th annual conference is yet another opportunity to showcase what has been done recently within various fields, connect with other professionals, and learn what techniques are working. With solid case studies and data from researchers, medical professionals working in the field can put new methods into practice, improving patient recovery time and rehabilitation experience.

Call For ACRM 2020 Proposals

If you want to present at ACRM, there is still time to submit Scientific Paper and Poster Proposals (due March 12) as well as LaunchPad Competition Applications (due March 31).

The ACRM LaunchPad is an opportunity to pitch your company or idea to a panel of rehabilitation research experts as well as clinicians, engineers, and researchers. The six-month, two-stage competition starts with an application and finalists will present their work. Winners will receive an 8 x 10 exhibit booth space at the ACRM 2020 conference and an interview with Dr. Ford Vox for the podcast Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

If you have completed rehabilitation research that you believe would be valuable to medical professionals or other research professionals, if you want to connect with others, or want to present topics with an interdisciplinary focus, we want to hear from you! Without members and contributors to ACRM conferences, we would not be able to achieve our mission.

Submitting proposals and presenting at the ACRM 2020 conference is an opportunity to build your resume, present your research, get published in the ACRM archive, gain recognition, and become eligible for prestigious ACRM awards. Not only are you promoting your own work, but also providing valuable information and research to those working in the field who are able to connect with patients one-on-one in order to improve their recovery process.

ACRM is proud to have been a part of the rehabilitation research community for 97 years and counting, and we look forward to the many opportunities that lie ahead. We urge you to submit a proposal for the 2020 conference, or become a member to gain support from career veterans or provide crucial support for those just starting out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the ACRM team!