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Spring 2022 Edition

The Brucker International Symposium

Each year, the International Networking Group sponsors the Brucker International Symposium held during the ACRM Annual Conference. This ING signature event was established in 2008 in memory of Dr. Bernard (Bernie) Brucker, a long-standing ACRM member, who died unexpectedly that year. Originally established as a lecture luncheon, the event has become a popular ACRM tradition and continues today as a very special symposium.

The winner of 2021 Brucker’s Award is Dr. Melina Longoni, Physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is a Hyperbaric Medicine Specialist at the ReDel Rehabilitation Center and the Director of Disability of the Municipality of Ituzaingó san Jerónimo Sur, Santa Fe. She has presented her work on “Technologies Applied to the Rehabilitation of People with Spinal Injury in Developing Countries: MEDULAPP, Rehabilitation Available to Everyone”, at the 2021 ACRM Annual Conference, held on the 28th of September.

Brucker’s Award Winners to-date

2020: Dina Brooks, PT, PhD. Conducting International Rehabilitation Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials.

2019: Lena Verdeli, PhD, MSc. Capacity-Building in Low-Resource Regions: Lessons Learned from Global Mental Health.

2018: Iracema Leroi, MD, FRCPC, MRCPSYCH, Ears, Eyes and Mind: The SENSE-Cog Project to Promote Well-Being for Elderly Europeans.

2017: Maria Vlassopoulos, PhD, The Refugee Crisis in Greece and the Response of Mental Health Professional Community.

2016: Stephanie Nixon, BA, BHSc, MSc, PhD, Global Health and Rehabilitation Research: What are the opportunities on the horizon?

2015:  Eli Vakil, PhDDissociation Between Memory Processes: The Contribution of Research on Memory Impairment Following Traumatic Brain Injury.

2014:  Donald T. Stuss, PhD, C Psych, ABPP-CN, Completing the Circle between Science and Rehabilitation: The Ontario Brain Institute Story.

2013:  Kathryn M. McPherson, RN, RM, DIP HV, BA (HONS), PhDInternational Partnering in Research.

2012:  Marcel Post, PhDNeed and Opportunities for Cross-Cultural Studies on Quality of Life in Rehabilitation Medicine.

2011:  John Stone, PhDIssues in International Collaboration in Rehabilitation Research.


ING Poster Award

This award is for an outstanding poster by international presenters whose work advances the state of the art in rehabilitation medicine or for an outstanding poster that best exhibits a topic of international relevance and promotes international collaboration. This is awarded at the ACRM Annual Conference during the ING Business Meeting. The first award was granted in 2015.


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  2. Prof. Akira Kimura, Prof. James Lenker. #1382073 “Predictors of independent living activities in elderly people aged 90 years and older living in northern Okinawa, Japan, using a multi-level mixed-effects parametric survival model.” Gunma Paz University, Takasaki, Japan.
  3. Sutanuka Bhattacharjya1, PhD & James Lenker2, PhD. #1025897 “Using smartphones to disseminate video-based rehabilitation training materials in resource-poor regions in India.” 1Georgia State University, Georgia, USA & 2University at Buffalo, NY, USA.
  4. Erica Zurawski, MPT, BSc. # 793632 “Inter-rater Reliability of the Modified Ashworth Scale tested Using Consistent Movement Speeds”. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  5. Dr. Feng-Hang Chang. # 303542 “Application of the Dual Panel Translation Approach to Adapt A Patient-reported Outcome Measure”. Taipei, Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
  6. Dr. Pauline Penney. #299. “Collaborative practice in community based rehabilitation teams: An international perspective”. Professional and Paediatric Rehabilitation Services Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. 
  7. Dr. Birgitta Langhammer. # 4122. Disability after stroke. An explorative study in patients admitted to specialized rehabilitation the Sunnaas International Network (SIN) Stroke Study. Oslo and Akershus University College, Sunnaas rehabilitation hospital, Oslo, Norway.